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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Sun, July 3, 2022 | 02:49
Gay celeb forced to close ALL his restaurants - thanks to COVID-19
Funny TV celebrity and restaurateur Hong Suk-chun is closing the last of his surviving eateries in Seoul's Itaewon district due to COVID-19's economic blow, the star said on Instagram Saturday. The seasoned star, 49, said on Saturday the last day to open for business for Italian bistro My Chelsea was Aug. 30.
How do soju bottles with different colors get recycled?
How do bottles of the trans-generational Korean liquor soju - with different colors - get recycled? Until 2009, it was unthinkable. This was why soju makers agreed that year to manufacture the bottles in green with the same size and design so the makers can share each other's bottles to recycle them.
Back off: 'loathed' PV panels intensify separation rules in countryside
In Boseong County, South Jeolla Province, in 2018, the minimum legal distance between photovoltaic (solar power) systems and roads or residential areas in agricultural or fishery towns was reduced from 500 meters to 200 meters as the county revised its land planning regulations.
Garbage alert: 11 Seoul districts expected to exceed dumping cap
Despite the central government's efforts to reduce the ever-increasing amount of garbage from Seoul and surrounding regions, the reality betrays the goal, with 11 Seoul districts expected to spew out more garbage than legally allowed.
Popular webtoonist catches COVID-19 despite 'restricted outing'
Park Tae-joon, one of the country's top webtoonists - famous for his online cartoon “Lookism” - has caught COVID-19, media reports said Friday. The former fitting model and online mall CEO added a message to his latest 301st episode of “Lookism” that said he “tested positive although I rarely go outside home.”
Virus fears: JTBC dramas stop filming
Two JTBC dramas - “Private Life” and “Run On” - studded with triple-A actors have halted production indefinitely after some staffers were tested for COVID-19.
Revealed: Chemical that caused huge Beirut blast stored at 18 Ulsan firms
Ulsan city council has revealed that 18 firms in the Korean port city have ammonium nitrate, the controversial chemical that caused the huge explosion in Beirut earlier this month.
Egrets in 176 habitats nationwide successfully counted
National researchers have successfully counted the number of egrets in Korea, an important environmental indicator and essential groundwork to monitor the national ecology and the species.
Will BLACKPINK's Jisoo enter acting hall of fame?
BLACKPINK's Jisoo revealed Tuesday that she has been cast as the lead in a new series on JTBC. Tentatively titled “Seol Kang Hwa,” the drama is the singer's debut as a television heroine. It also reunites writer Yoo Hyun-mi and program director Cho Hyun-tak, the duo behind “Sky Castle.” Last year's TV megahit, the satirical thriller from the same network was about extravagant...
Endangered fish species discovered in DMZ via 'environmental DNA'
A technological breakthrough by Korean ecological researchers has confirmed the presence of two endangered fish species in the country's inter-Korean border region - without disrupting the off-limits area's natural balance.