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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Wed, June 29, 2022 | 22:52
Man fined over $10,000 for beating neighbor's dog to death
Ulsan District Court on Jan. 26 slapped a 12 million won ($10,874) fine on a man in Yangsan for beating his neighbor's dogs with a piece of wood, killing one of them and injuring the other. The court said the accused “had no respect for living creature” and his criminal method was “extremely violent.” Though in sentencing the court also took into account the fact the accused ...
'I gained 20 kilograms after losing to Ortega': 'Korean Zombie'
“Korean zombie” UFC fighter Jung Chan-sung recollected his defeat to Brian Ortega and how he lost his grip on himself by gaining 20 kilograms. In a TV talk show aired Monday on SBS Plus, Jung said the fight on Oct. 17, 2020, psychologically pressured him so much before the match he only slept for one-and-a-half hours in the two days prior to the bout.
Partially clothed girl found dead in rice paddy
The South Chungcheong Province Police Agency and the city's emergency rescue services said Tuesday they had found the body of a teenage girl in a rice paddy in the province's Gongju, Jan. 25. They said the body was discovered following a report of a person lying in a rice paddy in the town's Ssangsin-dong area, at around 8:45 a.m.
Actress and model Song Yu-jung dies at 26
South Korean actress and model Song Yu-jung, represented by one of Korea's top agencies, died on Jan. 23. She was 26. Sublime Artist Agency released a statement announcing her passing on Monday, stating that her funeral at Seoul Medical Center's Gangnam branch was carried out quietly and without media exposure according to the wishes of her family members. She was buried at a...
Taekwondo demonstration team to perform in Seoul air show
World Taekwondo (WT) has agreed with the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX) to give a taekwondo demonstration during the city's national air show in October. WT signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Seoul ADEX, Jan. 22, agreeing that the demonstration team would perform during the opening ceremony of the Air Show at Seoul Airport in Seongnam...
Police demand $100,000 from parents for daycare CCTV access
The decision by Busan police to charge over 100 million won ($95,000) to parents wanting to access CCTV footage from a daycare center - due to suspicions of child abuse - has raised questions as to whether the financially burdensome demand was appropriate.
Goodwill Cooperation Service International holds board of directors meeting for 2021
Global philanthropic campaigner Goodwill Cooperation Service International's board of directors meeting for this year was held at the organization's headquarters in Seoul's Jongno District, Jan 21.
[INTERVIEW] Climate change revolutionaries: Why students in Korea hit the streets
In March 2013, a flash mob of thousands of students from elementary to high schools across South Korea performed PSY's “Gangnam Style” at Cheonggye Stream in downtown Seoul. Led by the World Wide Fund for Nature Korea (WWF), it was held to encourage people to participate in the WWF's global electricity and energy saving campaign “Earth Hour,” by turning off their lights March...
Dog left inside delivery truck triggers allegations of abuse
Residents of Gangdong District in Seoul spotted a Maltese dog apparently left alone inside a delivery truck among piles of parcels, and suspected the animal was being neglected by its owner.
Who destroyed Daejeon's popular Elsa snowwoman?
An unidentified man who knocked the head off a popular snowwoman built by a cafe manager in Daejeon has drawn ire nationwide over the antisocial act.