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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Fri, July 1, 2022 | 01:30
Global K-pop fans unite forces at Kpop4Planet for climate action
Imagine what could be done if the approximately 100 million K-pop fans worldwide acted together under a common purpose. Imagine if that purpose was keeping the earth environmentally clean and safe with daily eco-friendly practices and supporting stars who publicly promote climate action.
Probation officers complain of burnout from constant monitoring of former sex offenders
Probation officers in charge of monitoring former sex offenders who wear electronic anklets are complaining of burnout under a system where only a handful of staff are overseeing an large number of ex-convicts.
Elementary students accused of 'sexual harassment' for pantsing younger boy
Police in Gunsan are investigating a group of elementary school students over allegations that they bullied and sexually harassed a younger boy. Police in the North Jeolla provincial city said Tuesday that they received a report at around 6 p.m. that 10 boys, who appeared to be fourth to six graders, were bullying a third grader at a playground in the Jigok area in southweste...
[INTERVIEW] 'We fight the gov't for our rights and future'
After leaving her parents and three younger siblings in Ulsan to join Youth 4 Climate Action's fight against the government, Yoon Hyun-jeong goes to the environmentalist group's office near Gwanghwamun Palace in Seoul's Jongno District every weekday and sometimes even on weekends. Having dropped out of her first year of high school and moved in with her grandfather in Seoul r...
EDGC's rapid, more accurate COVID-19 testing kit approved for export
A new COVID-19 testing kit developed by Korean genetic analysis company Eone Diagnomics Genome Center has been approved for export by the government after being proven to be 93.8 percent accurate and to yield results faster than conventional tests. EDGC said Feb. 19 that its “COVID-19 Ag Test” was approved for overseas shipment by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Ex-county governor jailed for hiring gangster to threaten journalist
The former Uiryeong County governor has been put behind bars for hiring a gangster to threaten a journalist who was critical of him when he was in office. The Changwon District Court's Masan branch court sentenced Oh Yeong-ho, 72, to two years and four months in prison.
3 hours next to pervert on bus: 'I still retch thinking about it'
A woman who had to endure three hours on a bus sitting next to a pervert said she is still traumatized by the experience even after a month.
Vatican City seminary's taekwondo course holds first belt test
Even during the COVID-19 global pandemic, taekwondo hasn't stopped in Vatican City, as the city state's seminary for future priests held its first belt test for students taking the taekwondo course there.
Assault case dropped against woman who 'escaped rape' by biting off attacker's tongue
The prosecution has dropped an assault case brought up against a woman who escaped an alleged rape attempt by biting off her attacker's tongue, in recognition of self-defense. The decision by the Busan District Public Prosecutors' Office last week is expected to set a meaningful precedent in a country where self-defense is rarely recognized. In a similar case in 1965, a victi...
1 in 5 deaths caused by fossil fuel air pollution worldwide, new study says
With the help of a tech-savvy 3-D model of atmospheric chemistry with high spatial resolution that analyzed pollution globally and found clues leading to its impact on human health, a recent joint study by universities discovered that one in five deaths from 2018 ― that is, 8.7 million ― was caused by fossil fuel air pollution. The study subverted a previously believed hypoth...