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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Wed, June 29, 2022 | 21:27
Defense ministry, police buy 12,000 uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles
In a bid to boost the use of innovative products made of recycled materials, the Ministry of National Defense and the National Police Agency (NPA) have agreed to purchase 12,000 new clothing items made from transparent plastic bottles.The deal, signed March 15, was jointly made by the ministries of the environment and national defense, as well as the NPA and the Korea Federat...
Korean language schools in Incheon shut doors as pandemic limits foreign student access
An increasing number of Korean language schools in Incheon are closing as social distancing rules for the COVID-19 pandemic have deterred people from taking classes. The dip in student enrollments comes as schools across the country ceased outdoor activities teaching Korean culture and traditions and shifted all lessons online to comply with the government's measures aimed at...
Global sports ambassadors inspire gender equality, female leadership at World Taekwondo forum
World Taekwondo's (WT) gender equity and women's leadership forum ended with global sports ambassadors all calling for more roles and opportunities for women in all fields of athletics.
Abuser asks for leniency after causing death of disabled sister
A man found guilty of abusing his disabled sister, which led to her death, faces a verdict from an appellate court later this month. The man, 39, was sentenced to five years in prison last year for causing the death of his intellectually disabled sister by repeatedly abusing her at their home in Cheonan. At Wednesday's hearing ahead of the ruling by the Daejeon High Court on ...
Dinosaur claw from Koreaceratops found in Ansan
Ansan city government said on Wednesday it has reported to Korea's heritage authority about a dinosaur fossil discovered on an island under the city's jurisdiction a month ago.
Dog meat supporters, protesters clash as lawmakers mull criminalization
Korean dog meat distributors and consumers have long been criticized by local and international communities and even the Korean government. But the practice hasn't died out as demand for dog meat continues. Clashes between dog meat lovers and animal rights activists have continued for decades, including one incident in 2019 when Hollywood actress Kim Basinger joined anti-dog ...
Ruling party chairman egged by woman protesting new theme park project in Chuncheon
Ruling Democratic Party of Korea Chairman Lee Nak-yon's visit to a traditional marketplace in Chuncheon, Friday, turned ugly after a woman egged his face in protest of a new land development project in the city.
'Do you know who my father is?': Woman ignores virus rules on train, yells at complainer
A high-speed intercity train passenger ignored the virus safety rules by taking off her mask, eating food and yelling at a person who complained about her misdemeanor - asking, “Do you know who my father is?”
Global K-pop fans unite forces at Kpop4Planet for climate action
Imagine what could be done if the approximately 100 million K-pop fans worldwide acted together under a common purpose. Imagine if that purpose was keeping the earth environmentally clean and safe with daily eco-friendly practices and supporting stars who publicly promote climate action.
Probation officers complain of burnout from constant monitoring of former sex offenders
Probation officers in charge of monitoring former sex offenders who wear electronic anklets are complaining of burnout under a system where only a handful of staff are overseeing an large number of ex-convicts.