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Sun, May 29, 2022 | 14:09
31 K-pop stars launch 'Kstars 4 Climate' on Earth Day
To K-pop artist Lee Dae-hwi from AB6IX, climate change is a key issue facing the “next generation.” To his bandmate Kim Dong-hyun, the damage caused by environmental degradation will lead to “tears of humankind.” To Juhaknyeon of THE BOYZ, protecting the planet is “your responsibility.”
[INTERVIEW] Kim Ki-chang: 'The climate crisis has already brought us halfway to an apocalyptic society'
Novelist Kim Ki-chang believes that the world today is anything but predictable because of all the extreme weather phenomena around the planet ― collectively known as the “climate crisis.” Our daily lives, he says, are instead irregular, risky and unstable. He doesn't have to single out a particular event to recognize that the climate crisis is already here. He can now feel i...
Over 100 people line up in front of Chanel shop amid rumors of price hikes
More than a hundred people lined up in front of Lotte Department Store's main store in Seoul Wednesday amid rumors that Chanel will raise prices soon. People crowded around the facade of AVENUEL, an annex to the department store in the Myeongdong area of Jung District, where shops selling luxurious brands are concentrated. According to Yonhap, a local news agency, several peo...
Chinese man under probe for violent behavior after 'dirty Chinese kimchi' argument
Police on Tuesday said they are investigating a Chinese man who allegedly displayed violent behavior in a restaurant in Seoul after hearing other people talking about “dirty Chinese kimchi.”
Former UN chief's national climate council shuts down after 2 years
Former United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's national advisory group on the ever-increasing global climate crisis has wrapped up its two-year-long term. At a special conference, April 13, marking the termination of the National Council on Climate and Air Quality (NCCA), directly under President Moon Jae-in, Ban and invited experts highlighted the significance of Korea...
Drug smuggling into Korea soars during pandemic
The number of visitors to Korea declined sharply due to lengthy self-quarantine measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But this has boosted shipments to Korea of online purchases from overseas - including illegal narcotics.
Drunk driver flees accident scene with blown tire
A man is being investigated on suspicion of damaging parked vehicles and fleeing the scene of an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. The 20-something driver of a black Genesis SUV allegedly crashed into two parked cars in the Gupo area of Busan's Buk District at around 1 a.m. The collision caused the Genesis' rear right tire to burst. Immediately, the drive...
Int'l mountain film event in Ulju lauded as model 'contactless festival'
This year's Ulju Mountain Film Festival (UMFF) ended April 11, after being lauded as a “model contactless festival” for successfully catering to visitors despite the challenging COVID-19 environment that required social distancing and rigorous hygiene protocols. Held from April 2 across venues inside the Yeongnam Alps theater complex in Ulju County in western Ulsan, the event...
Vietnamese sailor detained after threatening Korean captain with knife
A Vietnamese sailor who used a knife to threaten the captain and crewmates on a fishing boat in Korea's southern waters has been detained. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries told The Korea Times Thursday that it transferred the man to the Jeju Island coast guard Wednesday after capturing him aboard the ship in waters 83 kilometers south of the island's Seogwipo.
Man faces indictment after exposing himself in women's underwear to Russian convenience store clerk
A man faces indictment after repeatedly exposing himself wearing women's underwear to a Russian convenience store clerk in Seoul, police said Wednesday. Dongdaemun Police Station said on March 17 that it sent the case to the prosecution, which is reviewing whether the suspect, 37, should be indicted on charges of public indecency and attempted sexual harassment.