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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Sun, May 29, 2022 | 14:27
Two men stabbed to death at Incheon car dealership
Two men were found dead at an Incheon car dealership on Thursday morning. According to police, one of the victims, in his late 50s, was identified as the owner of the business in Gyeyang District. The other, also in his late 50s, was identified as an employee there.
Gov't seeks land to operate new waste treatment facilities
The Ministry of Environment said Wednesday that it will begin seeking land to build special facilities dedicated to the treatment of waste, which the country plans to introduce nationwide later this year.
'#BoycottZukerman' spreads online after master violinist's offensive remarks against Asians
The hashtag, “#Boycott Zukerman,” has recently been spreading online after Israeli-American violinist and violist Pinchas Zukerman was found to have made “anti-Asian remarks” during his online masterclass in June and other occasions.
29 million farmed abalone off South Jeolla Province killed by monsoon downpours
An abalone farmer in Gangjin County in South Jeolla Province ― whose abalone farmed in waters near Maryang Harbor were killed after a monsoon downpour earlier this month kneels on top of the dead abalone before Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Moon Seong-hyeok and his aides, askin...
Gov't offers hydrogen car recharge discounts on July 14 to mark Green New Deal anniversary
One year has passed since the government announced its ambitious commitment to economic growth based on carbon neutralization and other eco-friendly strategies under the Green New Deal. To mark the first anniversary of the Green New Deal on July 14, the Ministry of Environment rolled out several consumer-friendly initiatives on Tuesday to boost the use of hydrogen fuel cell e...
Comedian Kim Min-kyung becomes Daegu's new face
Famed comedian Kim Min-kyung has become the new face of Daegu, selected as an honorary ambassador to promote the major Korean metropolitan city locally as well as internationally. It is the first time the city has selected a comedian as one of its honorary ambassadors.
No cities stepping up to offer alternative landfill sites amid rising waste problem
Despite the Korean central government's months-long search for a city to oversee an alternative landfill to replace the current one in Incheon which is nearing the facility's maximum capacity, no city has stepped up.
[INTERVIEW] SEFF Director: 'Today's environmental problems implicate all of us'
Having overseen the annual Seoul Eco Film Festival (SEFF) since 2018, veteran Korean film director Lee Myung-se has seen more clearly that “human errors” are at the core of all existing environmental problems. He believes that all those carbon footprints devastating the ozone layer and the rampant plastic waste everywhere derive from no other than humans' selfishness and capi...
Korea's mudflats proven effective carbon neutralizer: study
Research by a Korean university has revealed evidence that mudflats along the country's coasts can significantly absorb carbon dioxide, one of the major propellants behind global warming. A team of 17 researchers, led by professor Khim Jong-seong from Seoul National University's College of Natural Science, has found that the mudflats can sequester carbon from the atmosphere a...
Capital area landfill to max out unless trash is incinerated, starting 2026: authorities
Starting in 2026, disposed household trash bags collected from Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi Province and Incheon that have not been incinerated or sorted out as recyclable materials will be banned from being dumped in landfills, according to new government regulations.