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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Sun, May 29, 2022 | 13:59
SM Entertainment founder gives luxury apartment to journalist
Lee Soo-man, the founder of international entertainment company, SM Entertainment, has reportedly given his luxury apartment to a journalist who works for an American broadcaster. Lee, 69, has been dating the Korean woman, 52, for over the past five years, according to local reports. Lee was married in 1984 but lost his wife to cancer in 2014.
New technology allows pine needles to measure air pollution
Pine needles in Korea can now be used to gauge the level of heavy metal air pollutants in particular areas. Gettyimagesbank By Ko Dong-hwanA new technology by the Ministry of Environment has allowed pine needles to be used as bioindicators to read the levels...
Environmental assessment report for 2nd Jeju airport construction rejected
The Ministry of Environment has rejected the latest environmental assessment report by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which is pushing to construct a second international airport on Jeju Island. The reasons behind the decision were related to preservation of the island's wildlife and geological traits, as well as potential pollution caused by the increase...
Man busted for making massive amount of illegal drug in Gumi
A man who allegedly made methamphetamine - an amount described as “enough for 33,000 people” - at his residence in Gumi has been arrested. The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency's narcotics investigation team said on July 19 that the suspect, in his 30s, was arrested in Busan. He was visiting the city to meet a potential buyer interested in his homemade drug. Police said that t...
Gov't issues warning over increasing number of jellyfish in southern waters
Unusually large numbers of Nomura's jellyfish that are drifting in Korean waters have triggered the government here to issue a warning regarding the giant jellyfish whose long tentacles can deliver a painful sting that in rare cases could even be life threatening to humans.
K-pop singer comes out as bisexual
A K-pop star from now-defunct girl band Wa$$up has come out as bisexual. On July 15, Jiae posted a photo on Instagram of herself and another woman standing next to her closely, who were both mirrored on a window looking out at a night view of the city. The star left a one-liner comment with the photo, which, although not clear in meaning, mentioned “LG” and “BT” - a reference...
3 endangered species spotted by same camera
The Ministry of Environment has captured what it called “extremely rare” sightings of three endangered species by the same camera in less than a month at a national park in South Jeolla Province.
Local singing legend blamed for hiking virus concerns with 24,000 fans at Daegu concerts
Legendary trot singer Na Hoon-a is facing public criticism after having drawn 24,000 fans to his concerts in Daegu amid concerns over rising COVID-19 cases across the country. Na, 74, held six concerts, titled “AGAIN,” at EXCO in Daegu's Buk District from July 16 to 18. The concert organizer limited each concert to 4,000 people and all six sold out.
Endangered black-faced spoonbill saved in Korea returns home from China
A black-faced spoonbill - an endangered species of bird - that was saved and raised by humans until being released into the wild at its birthplace in Korea has made a migratory return after almost a year. Experts said it has provided them with a valuable case to study further how to conserve the species.
Professional baseball players under fire for violating quarantine rules
Several Korean professional baseball players are under fire for causing this summer's season to grind to an abrupt halt by testing positive for COVID-19 after violating quarantine rules. Three NC Dinos players tested positive after inviting women to their rooms for “drinks” at a Seoul hotel where they stayed from July 5 to 7 for an away game against a rival team. Making matte...