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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Sun, May 29, 2022 | 13:35
Public struggles to adjust to recycling clear plastic bottles separately from labels
A new environmental law came into effect Dec. 25, 2021: Enforcing the recycling of clear plastic bottles separately from their labels. This law has been expanded from apartment buildings to now also include single-detached houses. Yet despite the new law which was designed as a way to better recycle a larger amount of clear plastics, it appears that citizens are not faithfull...
Is nuclear energy eco-friendly? EU Taxonomy to test Korea's new definition
Korea has come to a fork in the road, as it seeks to decide whether or not to embrace nuclear energy and natural gas as eco-friendly resources to generate power. The challenge - under pressure from experts and activists - on whether to accept or ditch them, came to the fore after the European Union's Taxonomy draft text accepted them under certain conditions earlier this mont...
Korean football striker, T-ARA member in romantic relationship
National footballer Hwang Ui-jo and long-time K-pop star Hyomin signed up as the first high-profile celebrity couple to break in the New Year in Korea.
Do Beijing Olympics uniforms remind of PyeongChang?
With just one month remaining until the opening of the Beijing Winter Games, the Olympics' official Twitter has revealed newly designed medal ceremony uniforms. But the outfits have aroused questions in Korea: Aren't they a little too close to what we saw at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics?
Secret behind Korean double gold medalist's bow: graphene
Korean archer Kim Je-deok has become a national sensation by winning two gold medals at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The youngest member of the national archery team won the medals in the mixed team event and the men's team event. He aimed to bag his third gold in the individual event, but dropped out of the round of 32, losing to Germany's Florian Unruh.
Clean hydrogen to power Korea's 5th largest harbor by 2040
Korea's fifth largest harbor will become 100 percent hydrogen-based starting in 2040, as part of the central government's bid to neutralize the national carbon emission and join international efforts to slow down global warming.
Radioactive chemical found in Fukushima honey: Japanese media
Caesium, a radioactive chemical, has been found in honey collected near Fukushima in an amount larger than Japan's national health standard, raising concerns about food safety in and around the city.
EDGC acquires Natural Life Nutrition to focus on genetic health supplements markets
Korea's genetic sequencing firm and gene-based services provider Eone Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) has acquired Canada's nutritional supplement manufacturer Natural Life Nutrition to broaden its share in the international health supplements market.
[INTERVIEW] The garbage warrior
The wildest job for environmental activist Hong Da-gyeong currently is hunting for illegal waste dumping sites in Korea, as most of them are hidden. Spending hours searching for clues online and using tips from her friends that lead to their locations are just parts of the job. The task can be life-threatening, as she sometimes encounters dumpers who do not want their garbage...
'No K-Pop on a Dead Planet' campaign targets K-pop agencies, artists, fans
Global K-pop fans who united to combat climate change earlier this year launched a new campaign calling on Korea's major entertainment companies to become more active in the green movement.