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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Tue, December 6, 2022 | 23:26
New heritage tourism app lets visitors 'Touch Suwon'
Suwon, the provincial capital city of Gyeonggi, has come up with a high-tech solution to change its somewhat dull image. Administrative officials of Suwon, which was officially designated as a special city and given access to a 3.5 billion won ($2.67 million) fund and another 3.5 billion won from the city budget, have developed and launched a new smartphone app called Touch S...
[INTERVIEW] Busan can achieve upset victory in World Expo bid
From his own experience, Philippe Blanchard, an expert on how to host mega-scale international events, learned that starting later than your contenders doesn't matter much as long as you reach the finish line first. But to do that, the man who was part of Dubai's successful hosting of World Expo 2020, said that achieving a sophisticated balance between persuading stakeholders...
Seoul mayor seeks to develop Yongsan into business hub
An empty former rail yard in Yongsan District will be transformed into an urban business hub of Seoul, making the underdeveloped area near the country's presidential office into one of the city's future business spots. The 493,000-square-meter piece of land near Yongsan Station will usher in office buildings for over 70 percent of its total area so that it can be designated a...
Space forum to be held in Busan in August
A major astronomy conference sharing the latest academic findings from around the world will take place in Busan on Aug. 2. This is the first time that such a large-scale space event is being held in Korea.
Interior minister warns police to stop protest against supervisory bureau
Interior Minister Lee Sang-min strongly criticized the chiefs of police precincts Monday for their collective action on Saturday against the envisioned launch of a supervisory bureau inside the interior ministry, calling it “an incident akin to a military coup.” During a news briefing, Lee said Saturday's meeting of police officials reminded him of the Dec. 12 military coup l...
Inbound travelers must take PCR tests within 1 day of arrival
The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) has reinstated a COVID-19 quarantine regulation that requires those who arrive in Korea to take a PCR test upon arrival or within one day of their arrival instead of within three days, as the numbers of new daily infections have surged in the country.
Police officials protest against launch of supervisory bureau
Police officials from around Korea on Saturday organized and participated in a rare collective action, gathering together to state their objection to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety's bid to establish a new supervisory bureau over the national police force. Some 190 senior police officials from across the country ― one-third of the country's senior police officials ― ...
Is Korea's death penalty unconstitutional?
Earlier this month, the Constitutional Court of Korea began another hearing over what could be the problem left unresolved for the longest time in the country's judiciary history: whether the death penalty, which was written into the Criminal Act of 1953, violates the Constitution. The latest hearing will be the third time for the Constitutional Court to review the constituti...
Busan officials hone English skills for World Expo 2030
Not being fluent in English might not mean the end of the world. But for those representing a city with an unprecedented bid to host a mega-scale international event in less than eight years, it could be a shame. It's a concern of the officials of Busan, which is betting on being selected a host city for World Expo 2030 in Paris next year.
Motels becoming haven for teens playing PC games at night
An increasing number of teenagers in Korea are heading to unstaffed motels at night to use the venues to play computer games, raising concerns about the facilities' lack of monitoring against underage visitors. The issue has stoked further a more deeply troubling side effect of the facilities that they are creating a space for teenagers to engage in the illegal consumption of...
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