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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Fri, October 29, 2021 | 02:52
Vatican City seminary's taekwondo course holds first belt test
Even during the COVID-19 global pandemic, taekwondo hasn't stopped in Vatican City, as the city state's seminary for future priests held its first belt test for students taking the taekwondo course there.
Assault case dropped against woman who 'escaped rape' by biting off attacker's tongue
The prosecution has dropped an assault case brought up against a woman who escaped an alleged rape attempt by biting off her attacker's tongue, in recognition of self-defense. The decision by the Busan District Public Prosecutors' Office last week is expected to set a meaningful precedent in a country where self-defense is rarely recognized. In a similar case in 1965, a victi...
1 in 5 deaths caused by fossil fuel air pollution worldwide, new study says
With the help of a tech-savvy 3-D model of atmospheric chemistry with high spatial resolution that analyzed pollution globally and found clues leading to its impact on human health, a recent joint study by universities discovered that one in five deaths from 2018 ― that is, 8.7 million ― was caused by fossil fuel air pollution. The study subverted a previously believed hypoth...
'What are you looking at?' A big man viciously attacks 65-year-old
Police in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, are searching for a man who was caught by a security camera viciously assaulting a middle-aged man for “looking at him.” On a narrow back alley inside a marketplace in the city's Wonpyeong area Feb. 14, a physically large man grabbed and knocked down the victim, 65, on the street and began punching and kneeing his face for about 30 s...
Police officers caught violating COVID-19 distancing rule
A group of police officers has been caught violating the government's COVID-19 distancing rule by holding an alcohol-fueled party at an apartment complex.
Gov't prepares to prevent wildlife-borne diseases ahead of Lunar New Year holiday
The authorities are rushing to prevent the spread of animal-borne diseases ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, with workers carrying out fumigation and repairs around pig and poultry farms in preparation for the increased movement of people visiting family members in different parts of the country.
Famous online video streamer flaunts his new Porsche - possibly electric Taycan
A famous Korean Twitch streamer and YouTuber has flaunted his recent purchase of a Porsche - possibly the German brand's first all-electric Taycan model.
World Taekwondo to proceed with plan to hold 72 events this year
World Taekwondo (WT) has decided to proceed with its original plan to host all 72 events scheduled for this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic still raging worldwide.
Korea-made genome sequencing machines aim for global domination
Four Korean hi-tech companies have signed an ambitious partnership to jointly develop genome sequencing machines to replace the foreign ones that dominate the domestic market.
Two Korean shipping firms were world's worst shipbreaking dumpers in 2020: NGO
Two South Korean shipping companies have won the dubious distinction of being named the world's worst shipbreaking dumpers in 2020, as they breached global safety standards causing injuries and even the deaths of workers in developing countries in South Asia as they dismantled toxic end-of-life ships on beaches instead of safer shipbreaking yards, a non-government organizatio...
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