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Mon, August 15, 2022 | 07:00
Pyongyang fires ballistic missile ahead of Yoon's inauguration
North Korea has fired a ballistic missile toward the East Sea, Wednesday, according to South Korea's military. It was the Kim Jong-un regime's 14th missile launch this year and came six days before President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol's inauguration ceremony on May 10. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said it detected the launch from the Sunan area in the North's capital, P...
Europe's biggest hackathon to host 'Junction Asia 2022' in Busan
Europe's biggest hackathon (a portmanteau of “hacking” and “marathon”) organizer Junction is hosting its first continent-scale event in Busan under the banner “Junction Asia 2022.” Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-joon, Junction CEO Akseli Aho from Finland and Lee Hyun-sae, the head of Junction's Seoul-based operator Shift agreed on May 3 to host the event from Aug. 19 to 21 at Bexco ...
Abalone, seaweed in Wando proven effective against COVID-19: research
A research paper found abalone and certain seaweeds from South Jeolla Province are effective in preventing COVID-19 infection. In the international academic journal, titled “Marine Drugs,” the research paper, “Evaluation of Antiviral Effect against SARS-CoV-2 Propagation by Crude Polysaccharides from Seaweed and Abalone Viscera in Vitro” was published on April 23.
On first mask-free day, some feel uncomfortable with no masks
Monday marked the first day when the lifting of the outdoor mask mandate came into effect, 566 days since the nation introduced it in October 2020. Despite the relaxed rules, people seen in crowded city streets on Monday morning included both masked and unmasked members of the public. There were those their mask in-hand while walking who only put it on when boarding public tr...
Seoul subsidizes installing new building-integrated solar panels
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has started accepting applicants for a subsidy for installing building-integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPVs) - a type of solar panel the city is promoting to increase the public's usage of renewable energy resources instead of fossil fuels.
Pyongyang continues strict COVID-19 measures as Seoul lifts mask requirement outdoors
While South Korea's central disease control authority will be lifting the face mask mandate on May 2, as the daily numbers of COVID-19 infections have been gradually declining from their peak in March, the situation in North Korea appears to be quite the opposite.
Debate heats up over holding referendum on prosecution reform bill
While lawmakers at the National Assembly are split over the passage of two prosecution reform bills that will overhaul the investigative powers of prosecutors, to separate their powers to indict and investigate, the repercussions of the clash are spreading beyond the National Assembly. At the crux of an intensifying debate on the issue is whether or not it is legitimate to ho...
Seoul fosters insect farmers to feed growing industry for creepy-crawlies
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has started looking for people aspiring to become virtual experts in entomology to boost the city's insect industry and the country's competitiveness in the international market for creepy-crawlies. The Urban Farming Division under the city government's Economic Policy Office on April 25 started accepting applicants for classes that begin in ...
Can Bu-Ul-Gyeong megacity project revitalize provincial regions?
Some of the biggest provincial universities in Korea have been seeing ominous signs recently. After this year's enrollment registration closed, the schools saw that the total number of new students fell short of their maximum enrollement caps. Not only does that mean less tuition fees but less investment being made in the schools. When the top universities in larger regions a...
Seoul to reimburse 20 percent of traffic fees for young people
The Seoul Metropolitan Government rolled out a new policy on Monday to subsidize the public transportation fees of citizens aged 19 to 24. The city government will return 20 percent of their public transit expenses through “traffic mileage.” The mileage, redeemable up to 100,000 won ($80) per year for each beneficiary, has a monetary equivalent value and can be used for publi...
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