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Reporter : Anna J. Park
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 05:55
Hollys Coffee moves on IPO
Hollys Coffee's franchiser KG Hollys F&B has recently initiated procedures to go public, sending a request for proposal (RFP) earlier this month to major securities firms known for expertise in managing initial public offerings (IPOs).
Pet insurance contracts grow by 22% in 1st half
With the increase in pet ownership and pet insurance products in the country, the number of pet insurance policy contracts rose significantly during the first half of this year.
No change expected for Korea's deposit insurance limit this year
The coverage limit for deposit protection at local banks, which has been fixed at 50 million won ($37,700) for over two decades, is expected to remain unchanged for this year, according to market watchers.
Naver, Kakao engage in fierce payment competition in China, Japan
Naver Pay and Kakao Pay, the two leading mobile payment service businesses in Korea, are pit against each other in the Chinese and Japanese markets, as their domestic growth rates have somewhat slowed due to market saturation. Naver Pay announced on Tuesday that its mobile payment service can now be widely utilized in China, by scanning a QR code, at all affiliated stores of ...
K bank, KakaoBank and Toss Bank's delinquency rates rise to all-time high
With interest rates remaining high, the financial soundness of three internet-only banks - K bank, KakaoBank and Toss Bank - has begun to deteriorate, as their delinquency rates continue to soar to highs. The fact that the banks provide a larger proportion of their credit loans to medium- and low-credit borrowers is even more concerning.
[INTERVIEW] Newly appointed ambassador to OECD vows to contribute to shaping key policy agenda
Choi Sang-dae, former second vice minister of economy and finance, was appointed as the Permanent Representative of Korea to the OECD earlier this month. Choi will officially begin his years-long duties in Paris, France, on Sept. 21. He is Korea's 13th ambassador to the OECD.
Citibank Korea CEO Yoo Myung-soon to serve another term
Yoo Myung-soon, CEO of Citibank Korea, will be serving another three-year term, being the sole candidate for the position.
FSS governor spearheads campaign promoting 'K-Finance' in Europe
Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) Governor Lee Bok-hyun has showcased strengths of the Korean financial sector to global investors during his European tour, highlighting the values of credibility, innovation and openness as the core of the industry. Lee also stressed the financial authorities will further enhance market accessibility and convenience of global investors to t...
SGI to launch deal roadshow in HK, Singapore from mid-Sept. ahead of IPO
Seoul Guarantee Insurance (SGI) is scheduled to launch deal roadshows in Hong Kong and Singapore for foreign and Korean investors from Sept. 19 after submitting a prospectus earlier this week for its upcoming IPO.
Bank-issued household loans up sharpest amount in over 2 years in August
With the country's monthly household loans on a steady increase, bank loans in August showed a rise of 6.9 trillion won ($5.1 billion) from the previous month to date. The increase in August is the highest monthly margin over the past two years and any single month-to-month period, since it reached 9.7 trillion won in July 2021.
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