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Tue, December 5, 2023 | 23:59
'Back to content' is global media trend
With lighter, lower-quality news infiltrating the online realm, the production and distribution of quality content is becoming ever more integral. Leaders at news media companies worldwide seem to have a consensus on this - that in an age of confusion where journalism is becoming more important, quality content is key to retaining readers and to achieving financial success.
Global media groups ambitious to keep up with changing times
The 70th World News Media Congress held in Estoril, Portugal from June 6-8, was all about "transformation." "Every transformation is never enough because the world around you is always moving faster than you," said Tina Stiegler, executive vice president of people and strategy at Schibsted Media Group in Norway, during the keynote session.
Buddhist nun Wookwan publishes English cookbook
From a Westerner’s perspective, Jeong Kwan would probably come to mind as the leading authority in temple food, as she featured in the Netflix series “Chef’s Table.” Within Korea, however, Buddhist nun Wookwan is even better known as a temple food guru. She has published two temple food cookbooks, and recently published her third _ her first in English_ “Wookwan’s Korean Temp...
Series of classical events line up for June
The weather is warming up and so is the classical music scene. A range of classical music concerts will be available throughout the month of June, from solo concerts to outdoor music festivals.
'Korea's startups will become global top 10'
"Korea is one of the most exciting places in the world right now to be an entrepreneur," said Roee Adler, global head of WeWork Labs. "I'm by no means an expert on Korean culture, but to share a few observations, Korea has an amazing legacy of innovative technology. Korea is a country that invests so much on education and constant improvement and constant desire to do more. M...
PyeongChang music fest faces revamp
The 15th annual PyeongChang Music Festival & School to be held from July 23 to Aug. 5 faces a few changes this year. It will be the first festival under a new artistic director, Son Yeol-eum who took the helm of the annual event in March, after the retirement of virtuoso artistic directors Chung Myung-wha and Chung Kyung-wha.
Seoul international book fair to open on June 20
“New Definition” will be the theme of this year's Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) to be held June 20 to 24 at COEX in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul.
EXO inspires fan to publish book
Cancer patients tend to write books in either of these two scenarios: when their cancer goes into remission and they want to share how they regained their health, or when they fall terminally ill and want to leave a record in their final stage in life. Joana A. Park doesn't fall into either of these groups.
Two female entrepreneurs' delicious adventure
Two young women in their early 30s have been close friends since college. Both graduated from high school in Korea and went on to the University of Virginia in the United States, where they first met. When they graduated, they both went into television - one became a TV presenter and the other a producer at major local broadcasters.
Murung Farm on Jeju sets example for agro-business
JEJU - Around this time last year President Moon Jae-in visited Murung Farm, an agricultural cooperative on Jeju Island, encouraging the farmers there to become “a self-help agro-business model.” The presidential visit helped raise public awareness about the farmers' cooperative in the small village of Murung 2-ri on the western end of Seogwipo, a city on the south coast of J...
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