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Reporter : Kim Kang-min
Wed, July 6, 2022 | 09:15
Cleaning up after 'godoksa,' lonely deaths in Korea
The Korea Times spoke to Kim Sael-byul, a trauma cleaner, or maybe a profession that should appropriately be called as a memento organizer, and listened to his experience of cleaning 'lonely death scenes,' where people die without anyone knowing, only to be discovered after their neighbors notice the smell. "There was a scene where a young woman took her own life with baby cl...
'Russians only worry about IKEA, Apple moving out': Ukrainians say Russians should value human lives
More than two weeks have passed since then, but things have only become worse. With no end in sight after Russia launched an attack on its neighboring country in what it calls a "special military operation," the number of civilians and military casualties and fatalities continues to rise. In a recent interview with The Korea Times, Ukrainian residents in Korea shared how thei...
American worshippers? Meet far-right protesters who wave American flags on the streets
Have you ever heard of the 'Taegeukgi rally'? Taegeukgi is what we call the Korean national flag so it's not that surprising to see them waving it but have you ever wondered why they would wave American flags alongside Korean ones?
'Little America in Korea': Yongsan US Army homes open up to Korean public
These brick townhouses were once home to American officers and their families, but South Korea has gained control of this tract of land on the southeastern tip of the Army’s Yongsan Garrison, nearly two decades after the U.S. and Korea set in motion a plan to relocate the bulk of America’s troops in the country to a location south of Seoul and return the property to the gover...
'Suneung' day: Most important test for Korean high school students
November is one of the most important times of the year in Korea due to the “suneung,” or College Scholastic Ability Test. The notoriously high-pressure exam is administered to high school students here every third Thursday in November.
Everything about being a black model in Korea
Renee Simone from New Jersey tells you everything about working as a black model in Korea. Renee Simone from New Jersey tells you everything about working as a black model in Korea. She is an extremely talented model who has been working in the industry for more than two years.
'I almost took my own life': Former K-pop girl band 9MUSES member [VIDEO]
Despite being a high achiever at her school, she deviated from her initial plan of getting into a prestigious college and debuted as the leader of the girl group in 2010 with the track “No Playboy.” Although the group did not achieve meteoric stardom, it still rolled out a string of hits such as “News” (2012), “Dolls” (2013) and “Wild (2013).” Only four years later, however, ...
How to work in K-pop industry as a foreigner: Ex-HYBE hiring manager
K-pop is not all about singers - there are countless unsung heroes working behind the scenes to produce and promote albums who dedicate their sweat and tears. And with K-pop sweeping the world off its feet, more people are craving to carry out such a mission at K-pop record labels that incubate and manage stars. There is good news for them: music powerhouses here have ramped ...
Filipina K-drama fan appears in more than 60 Korean dramas [VIDEO]
Noreen Joyce Guerra was once a huge K-drama fan in the Philippines. Years later, she is now living her dreams by having a successful career at a Korean company on weekdays, and appearing in dozens of popular Korean dramas herself mostly as a background actor and also hosting TV shows and events with K-pop bands on weekends.
'I love how I get paid to have fun': Foreign voice acting in Korea
Foreign language announcements may be familiar to you if you use public transportation in Korea. In fact, foreign voice overs and narrations can be heard almost everyday whenever you turn on your TV, and everywhere you go around town. Ever wondered who these voices belong to and how they came to be there?