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Reporter : Kim Rahn
Tue, December 7, 2021 | 12:00
Winners of 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards announced
The Korea Times has selected 11 students as winners of the 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards. Yang Geun-mo from Geumsan Hitech High School in Geumsan, South Chungcheong Province, won the grand prize, to be presented by Minister of Gender Equality and Family Chung Young-ai.
[Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021] AUKUS nuclear submarine deal: evident harms and future-proof solutions
On Sept. 15, Washington, London and Canberra announced a new strategic pact to strengthen their ties across various sectors including military, cyber and maritime domains. The pact is named after a clever abbreviation of the acronyms of the three countries, namely AUKUS. However, unlike the brevity of its name, AUKUS has already started to spark conflicts from day one.
[Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021] Ethical dilemma of nuclear weapons: hegemony, security dilemma and continued stalemate
On Sept. 28 North Korea fired a missile which landed in the sea on the Korean Peninsula's east coast. Following the launch, North Korea's neighboring countries Japan and South Korea and the United States condemned the missile launch. South Korea's President Moon Jae-in expressed the importance of stabilizing the peninsula and found the launch regretful. Hours before the launc...
[Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021] Data-driven disarmament: Considering the relationship between emerging technology, the Korean Peninsula, and the next generation
Across the nuclear policy community, there has been a recent pivot to emerging technology. That is to say, the community has increasingly found itself concerned about the potential for emerging technology to drive competition between states, thereby exacerbating the potential risk for escalation and subsequent nuclear use. Many of these existing conversations have focused on ...
[Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021] Communicating peace - how reengagement with Cold War's first confidence building measure can pave way for denuclearized Asia-Pacific
In June 1963 a teleprinter known as the red hotline was set up to enable direct communication between the leaders of the U.S. and USSR. After the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, during which official diplomatic messages took around six hours to be delivered, it was believed that having better means for direct communication was key to averting nuclear catastrophe. It was from this ...
[Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021] New framework for cooperative threat reduction with North Korea
Nuclear negotiations between the United States and North Korea are at a stalemate and despite numerous high-stakes summits and diplomatic engagement in recent years, there has been no substantive breakthrough. Earlier this month, North Korea fired another round of short-range missiles into the sea in a recent streak of weapons tests accusing the U.S. of maintaining a “hostile...
[Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021] Arms race on Korean Peninsula is increasing risk of South Korean proliferation
North Korea recently proclaimed that Australia's new agreement with the United Kingdom and the United States to develop nuclear-powered submarines will lead to a nuclear arms race, but the true risk of that lies much closer to home. This emerging trend of intensification of the arms race on the Korean Peninsula is destabilizing in a way that puts South Korea on the path towar...
Multicultural music radio station marks 13th anniversary
Shin Hyon-ung, back row third from left, the chairman of the Woongjin Foundation, and Kim Choong-hyun, fourth from left, the CEO of Digital Skynet, pose with the radio show hosts of Multicultural Family Music Broadcasting, during a ceremony commemorating the service's 13th anniversary at the broadcaster's studio in Seoul, Nov. 17. Courtesy of Woongjin Foundation
Winners of Korea Times-APLN Essay Contest 2021
The Korea Times is pleased to announce the winners of the Korea Times-Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (APLN) Essay Contest 2021 for graduate and undergraduate students writing on the theme of “Youth, Disarmament and Peace in the Asia-Pacific Region.”
Concerns rise over increasing mass rallies
Mass demonstrations and rallies are now being allowed with the government's “return to normalcy” plan that has eased social distancing regulations against COVID-19, raising concerns over the possible spread of the coronavirus among participants. On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in downtown Seoul in demonstrations organized by more than 20 civic groups. The...
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