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Reporter : Jun Ji-hye
Sat, February 4, 2023 | 23:59
Police to retrain new officers amid criticism over incompetence
The National Police Agency will carry out special training for more than 10,000 first-year and second-year rookie officers across the country, amid growing public distrust toward police following a recent attempted murder incident in Incheon.
ICU beds reaching limit amid rapid increase in critical cases
The country is facing a serious shortage of intensive care unit (ICU) beds for COVID-19 patients, as the number of critical cases has increased rapidly, exceeding the government's expectations, after the “Living with COVID-19” scheme was implemented at the start of this month. The number of critical cases has been increasing amid a highly elevated number of overall infections...
Protest against plastic products
Activists from Greenpeace Korea show a model of a fish that died after swallowing plastic waste, in front of Lotte Chilsung's headquarters in Seoul, Thursday, during a protest calling on companies to join the effort to reduce the use of plastic. According to a report issued Nov. 17 by the group, 78.1 percent of the country's plastic waste was food packaging thrown away by hou...
4 tucked-away alleys in Seoul to enjoy
Key social distancing measures have been eased, as the first stage of the government's “Living with COVID-19” scheme began at the start of this month. But concerns over COVID-19 infections still abound, with the country's daily caseloads remaining in the lower four digits. For those who want to avoid popular, crowded places due to concerns over the risk of infections, global ...
Concerns growing over increasing overseas travel amid soaring infections
An increasing number of people here have been planning overseas trips, after the government implemented its “Living with COVID-19” scheme at the start of this month and more destinations around the world have eased mandatory quarantine rules for fully vaccinated travelers. This has been raising expectations for a rebound in the tourism and aviation industries that have been h...
Chun's death draws cold reactions
The death of former President Chun Doo-hwan, Tuesday, drew mostly cold reactions from political parties, civic groups and internet commenters, given his responsibility for the horrific events of the 1980 pro-democracy protest in Gwangju. The former Army general-turned dictator, who seized power through a 1979 military coup and ruled the country until 1988, died in his home in...
Foreign nationals invited to Korean Food Video Contest
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is holding the 2021 Korean Food Video Contest, in which any foreign national living in or outside Korea is eligible to participate, the ministry said Sunday. The contest is aimed at sharing how to cook, eat and enjoy Korean food with people around the world.
Criticism growing over police's bungled response to attempted murder
Police in Incheon are facing fierce criticism over their bungled response to an attempted murder, with family members of the victim calling for severe punishment for those responsible. The case also raises a gender issue after it became known that a female police officer left the crime scene even after the assailant had stabbed the victim.
Korea ranks low among OECD nations in employment rate for university graduates
Korea is among the lowest-ranking countries among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) members in terms of the employment rate for university graduates, due mainly to a serious mismatch between their majors and available jobs. According to the Korea Economic Research Institute (KERI), Thursday, Korea's employment rate for university graduates, aged bet...
Must-know tips and nice accommodation for travel to Singapore
A travel bubble agreement signed between Singapore and Korea in October went into effect on Monday. Singapore has since allowed fully vaccinated visitors to travel between Changi Airport and Incheon International Airport without quarantining through its Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme.
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