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Thu, September 28, 2023 | 00:13
(1761) No-show (I)
(1757) Firefighters (I)
[Provincial News] Free heath checkups for expats in Itaewon
The Itaewon Global Village Center will offer free health checkups for foreign residents at the health center of the Yongsan-gu Office in Seoul, Friday. The center will also provide a free metabolic syndrome test. The center is celebrating World Health Month for April 2017, together with the district office and the city government.
New blog of Kia Motors
Models for automaker Kia demonstrate the blog titled Play Kia, at the company’s showroom in Seoul, Sunday. The blog features new tailor-made services for customers. / Courtesy of Kia Motors
World in mourning and solidarity
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, shines in the colors of a rainbow to honor victims of Sunday’s mass shooting at an Orlando gay club, Monday (local time). People brought banners, flags and candles to the Place Trocadero in front of the Paris landmark. Vigils, rallies and marches are being held around the world for the 49 victims of the deadly attack. / AP-Yonhap
Korea faces rapidly aging population
Korea’s population is aging rapidly and will start to fall from 2030 after peaking at 52 million. In 2040, more than half of Koreans will be older than 52. According to Statistics Korea, Wednesday, Korea’s population stood at 50.6 million in 2015; and is expected to peak at 52.2 million in 2030.
Scandalous apology (1)
“It will be the end of Korea as a member of the international community if it breaks its promise.”
Korea declares end to MERS
Korean authorities will officially announce the end of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) at midnight Wednesday, more than seven months after the first case occurred in the nation, Yonhap reported. The Ministry of Health and Welfare said that the decision is based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines that stipulate that “an end of transmission” can be declar...
'People!' - a journalistic tapestry
Correspondents by the time they reach a certain age may look back on an extraordinary range of people encountered in odd situations and settings. We all have stories to tell, uniquely our own, rich and varied, few more so than Sol Sanders, who spent years in capitals ranging from New Delhi to Bangkok to Tokyo and points in between and beyond. Now, at 88, he’s put his experien...
Debate over Iranian deal heats up in US
Since the July 14 announcement of a settlement in the Iranian nuclear issue, designed to block Iran’s path to developing a nuclear weapon, American foreign policy institutions are all engaged in a debate on the deal.
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