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Reporter : Kim Hyun-bin
Wed, February 21, 2024 | 21:27
4 in 10 Koreans foresee rising intergenerational conflicts at workplaces
Four out of 10 Koreans anticipate a surge in generational conflicts within workplaces, a recent survey showed on Friday, shedding light on growing tensions among different age groups, particularly between the younger MZ Generation and older people.
Free, unmanned monorail starts operation in Seoul
A free unmanned monorail system commenced operations to connect the Sindang Hyundai Apartment complex to Daehyeonsan Reservoir Park in Seoul's Jung District on Thursday, according to the district office on Friday.
[INTERVIEW] Korea-India ties hold untapped potential: Indian ambassador
Against the backdrop of a deepening strategic partnership between Korea and India, Indian Ambassador to Korea Amit Kumar emphasized the vast untapped potential for growth between the two nations.
[INTERVIEW] Sun Group chairman aims to draw more Korean tourists to Phu Quoc
Vietnam’s Sun Group Chairman Dang Minh Truong highlighted the irresistible appeal of Phu Quoc to Korean tourists while revealing plans to establish it as a top-tier destination. Phu Quoc is the largest island in the Southeast Asian country.
Military to undergo multicultural transformation by 2030: report
The number of soldiers coming from a multicultural background will account for 5 percent of the nation's entire conscripts by 2030 after a notable increase since the 2009 amendment to the Military Service Act, which mandates military service for all Korean nationals, according to the report released by the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, Monday.
Korea looks to Middle East for next major defense procurement deal
Korea is on the verge of a substantial advancement in defense procurement with the Middle East following the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saudi Arabia, aimed at bolstering defense procurement and cooperation between the two nations.
Alarming rate of PTSD among firefighters raises mental health concerns
A recent survey conducted by the National Fire Agency (NFA) has found that a staggering 40 percent of firefighters are grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), raising concerns about the mental health of these first responders.
Lee Nak-yon, ex-DPK members launch New Future Party
Lee Nak-yon, the former leader of the Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), and a splinter group of former and current DPK lawmakers jointly established a new political entity known as the New Future Party, Sunday, ahead of the April 10 general elections.
[INTERVIEW] Africa's rich human and natural resources open doors for collaboration with Korea
Chafik Rachadi, the Moroccan ambassador to Korea, said the upcoming Korea-Africa Summit holds immense promise for both Korea and the African continent. He emphasized that potential collaboration based on Africa's abundant human and natural resources will pave the way for shared prosperity between the two regions.
Indian ambassador highlights strong bilateral ties
Reflecting on India's journey as a sovereign democratic republic, Indian Ambassador to Korea Amit Kumar emphasized the remarkable progress achieved over the past seven decades during the 75th Republic Day of India ceremony in Seoul, Friday.
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