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Sat, June 3, 2023 | 07:16
Korean elected as president of executive body at World Meteorological Organization
Yoo Hee-dong, administrator of the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), was chosen as the chief of the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This is the fifth time since 2007 that Korea's representative to the organization was selected for the position.
Jeju embraces Arab, ASEAN nations for future global exchanges
The Jeju Island government is acting on its plan to further strengthen ties with Arab and ASEAN nations through an international high-level gathering. The move is led by Jeju Governor Oh Young-hun, who met with ambassadors from 10 Arab nations in Korea and dignitaries from the Vietnamese government and an Indonesia-based global alliance of municipal governments in Asia-Pacifi...
90% of government vehicles were low-emission in 2022
The central and local governments and state-run agencies in Korea are speeding up their green initiatives, with the number of government-owned clean-emission vehicles in 2022 hitting a record high.
Man gets five-year jail term for K-pop concert ticket fraud
A local court recently handed down a five-year prison term to a 25-year-old man for defrauding K-pop fans of money by saying he would give them tickets to concerts that he could not attend.
Rude cabbies in Seoul face stricter penalties
The Seoul city government's recently toughened rules against ill-mannered taxi drivers to penalize first-time offenders, in a move the authority hopes will improve the public transport environment for local commuters as well as foreign visitors to the city.
Seoul resident clashes with authorities for raising dogs to nab 'North Korean spies'
A man who claims to be a former soldier is in a conflict with a district office in Seoul's northernmost suburb. He says he is on a mission to protect the capital from possible infiltrations by North Korean spies by raising stray dogs next to a popular mountain trail.
Seoul on alert over Pyongyang's imminent spy satellite launch
The South Korean government is on high alert over North Korea's plan to launch in the coming weeks what it claims to be a rocket carrying a military spy satellite. Seoul warned that Pyongyang will pay the price for the launch, which is banned under U.N. Security Council resolutions since it uses ballistic missile technology.
Police brace for massive union protest
One of the nation's two main umbrella unions plans to hold another massive rally on Wednesday, about two weeks after its previous large-scale overnight protest caused considerable public inconvenience.
Half of medical tourists visiting Korea inspired by K-culture
Nearly half of all foreign medical tourists visiting Korea last year were motivated as a consequence of their interest in the country's popular and dynamic culture, according to a survey, Sunday.
Gov't moves to assist 3,400 Koreans stranded in typhoon-hit Guam
As Guam has been hit by Super Typhoon Mawar, the Korean government is preparing assistance for Korean tourists stranded there, securing local lodgings and preparing medical assistance for those who have been injured.
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