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Wed, December 7, 2022 | 22:24
The Korea-Japan relationship, is that, emotional nationalism?
Date : 2019-07-24 / Hit : 16030
I'm shouting to Korean. and overseas Korean. Or a few good man.


The consciousness that our country thinks about the Korea-Japan relationship...

The confrontation between Korea and Japan, in other words, , , President of Korea, and and President of United States, come face to face with President of Japan. from rationalized Militaryism..

To maintain public opinion and regime, he will hold the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the general election, with this background.

In other words, a deliberate economic aggression targeted at Korea.


When it is close to Japan, North Korea is far away, and when it is far from Japan, close to North Korea. the confrontation structure of the Korean peninsula that can not be symbiotic.

China, which gains a return profit from the semiconductor industry when Japan and Korea fight. In the hegemony of Southeast Asia, the USA government is trying to control China.

Japan, which has to lead public opinion and response in the USA and abroad,

It is notified that it does not include the USA, Japan relations that face the impossibility of international diplomacy, and the complicated international situation such as Russia, which is watching it. And why they (Japan) are trying to invade our country.


In addition, who in the world has become a friend for the unification and profit of its own country (Korea)?

If this Japanese economic invasion degrading reach a compromise,

in this cause cracking, due to this then the Korean Peninsula will be

will return to the very easy and funny game arcade of the country.


I'll leave it to the political and analysts.

You'll be able to access portal searches, YouTube, and so on.

But here, not at the government level, as one of the people of the general public,

I'd like to say what I think.



I don’t know much about politics myself.

But I know one thing.


Since a long time ago, Korea has been relying on great powers in dealing with many of their domestic affairs,

Finally.. we lean towards North Korea or Japan?


Long ago, sandwiched between neighboring country and stronger powers surrounding the Korean peninsula.


The same holds true for many European countries.

As you know, every country pursues its own interests.


And in it, ideological conflicts happen of the Korean War.

Knowing the circumstances surrounding the Korean War is not just about learning history. This is very important significance.


Besides, The Japanese occupation period was a time of tribulation for One Korea.


One side..

"Remember, the Korean War did not end."

And many South Korea people, relate that to North Korean nuclear issue.


The other..

Past Japan was infringed upon our national sovereignty,

slaughtered our ordinary people as well as independence fighters,

and that still persistently lays claim to Dokdo, a gunless war against us.

I think we are torn between these two choices.


In addition, for those who were directly damaged from the First and Second Battle of West Sea Battle, it would be impossible to change their belief.


Likewise, for those who, under the Japanese colonial rule, were taken to labor camps, mobilized as sex slaves, descendants of the slaughtered victims, their belief will not change no matter what you say to them.


Unfortunately, we are victims on either side.


Even at this time when the mass media can also be dichotomized, there is something we must not forget.


In the past, Silla colluded with China only to achieve incomplete unification(?) on the Korean Peninsula,

giving away much of the territory of Goguryeo under unequal terms. And after unification, when unstable state of affairs, Japan is invaded us ruining our country relegating people to starvation.


Whenever we were faced with a crisis,

we involved foreign powers and that as a result connect to our inequality and pains.


You also need to know there is a clear difference between the Korean War, a conflict between the same people, and foreign invasions.

South and North Koreans were all one people who fought together for independence under the Japanese.

Domestic, besides and across the Manchurian territory.


Especially, Japanese stand accused of crimes against humanity.

An increasingly vociferous from Korea.


Merkel was recognized for having contributed to promoting human rights and justice, and values of reconciliation and coexistence by resolutely opposing the denial of the past wrongs and the distortion of history.


But.. Shinzo Abe, Japan's has long attempted to water down the atrocities until now.


This situation is a remarkable contrast to the relationship between the Jews and the Germans, They offering unreserved apologies until now.


The biggest domestic problem is that even our public opinion has been divided into two, with the opposition Liberty Korea Party rejecting the resolution calling for the withdrawal of Japan’s export restrictions, and insisting on following Japan's demand for a third-party(nation) arbitration committee.

The Liberty Korea Party is insistence that the Democratic Party their Korea-Japan relations is to politically take advantage of it. (17-Jul, 2019)


It is also true that our media organizations,

Chosun Ilbo, is mislead the publishing media and newspaper article in inflammatory titles with Japanese version.

such as “The (Korean) chimney sweeper bids the (Japanese) collier wash his face?”


How sad..even in times of national crisis, we cannot see us unified as one.

It just reminds me of the times prior to the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, when we were unprepared for anything and the public opinion was divided.

Is history repeating itself?


I know too (It is the job of the Opposition to oppose)

that the ultimate goal of politicians is to keep making an issue of even a minor weakness of their opponents until finally overthrowing the incumbent government and establishing a new one. However, for a great cause, we are required to make the right choice rather than opposing unconditionally.


Besides, I feel that what underlies such an attitude is distrust in the present government. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, the opposing forces have been growing larger and larger. My discussion might get too long, so from now I’ll try to tell you what I want to say as briefly as possible.


As a relatively recent example, we became finally able to talk about the deplorable situation of the separated Korean people by the Kim Dae-Jung administration.

Followed by the Roh Moo-Hyun administration, thanks to their diversified view of North Korea. Before that, We had been forced to learn that North Korea is legendary horned devil and our main adversary.

It's like, "Call one a thief and he will steal.."


Then, the following Lee Myung-Bak and Park Geun-Hye administration contrasting views of the North Korea.

The May 24 action(5.24 Action) taken as a result of the Cheonan-Ham sinking by the Lee Myung-bak administration severed all ties with the North Korea.

Once again, South Korea people started to feel confused over their view of North Korea and the concept of who their main enemy is between Japan and North Korea.


Just to let you know, a lot of people are aware by now that North Korea is not responsible for the Cheonan sinking, which has been sufficiently proved by Netizens, journalists and producers. But why aren’t they to let the public know of the related information by officially initiating re-investigations? "Are they saving it for a crucial moment to come later?" or “Is it because of some complicated issue involved in the government’s international relations? Or "Secret agreement our three countries, our country, North Korea,

the United States?"

Anyways, things have been silenced now.


Next, Park Geun-Hye administration was inaugurated.

The previous remarkable accomplishments, example..

The Kaesung-Gongdan Industrial Complex, nongovernmental exchanges, etc.,

all came to nothing overnight. From their(North Korea) point of view,

new government(Park Geun-Hye), started to Impose sanctions and making previous agreements signed by the top leaders of the One Korea nullify.

Finally.. They(North Korea) were speechless.


Park Geun-hye was the monopoly of government affairs due to Impeachment to step down, the far-right Parksamo and Taegeukgi Budae (Love Park Geun-hye group)is still protesting that President Park’s impeachment was invalid and blame the present government. My opinion on this is.. this exactly the Park Jung-hee syndrome?

Like nostalgia for the times when the spirit of “Let’s all make this best country to live." May be they miss of him, strong regime and overpower opponents that can consistent belief in economic revival.


One thing to remember is this issue involves contradictions to democracy in this land. So, I believe it would be draw a conclusion. or "Never judge a book(character) by it's cover".

For example.. It is not just a matter white and black people,

It is better to distinguish between good and a wrong point.


I’m sure reasons.. In history most respect and popularity of President Park Jung-hee. A change of government Everything he built, gone.

Even a good thing.. a historical stain.


And I suppose current distrust towards our present government originates in economic issues. Obviously, income-driven growth and minimum wage hikes were originally intended for the low-income bracket, but now there seems to be a growing backlash against the policies from more and more low-income people and small business operators. Perhaps, small businesses are like fine rootlets of a tree. If those rootlets fail to absorb water, it is evident that the bigger root, or large companies, will not survive.


But, we can’t just settle for the present. To join the ranks of developed countries, we need to endure the required transitional pains. What defines a developed country? What is the ultimate goal of welfare? Isn’t it to make everyone reach a certain level of prosperous living? To do so, the minimum wage or labor costs, should increase. Higher-income earners should pay more taxes.


In developed countries, everyone lives an ordinary life, regardless of whether they are high- or low-income earners. with high-income earners paying more taxes than low-income earners. And no one complains about this. They all go to a beauty shop only on special occasions because labor costs are very high. The less developed a country is, the lower the labor costs are. However, labor costs in less developed countries on the rise as well.


This happens, as in developed countries, wage not significantly different.

Frex.. lawyers and doctors between welders and drivers.

No one complains about it.


For people in developed countries, they think it is just so natural that the more they earn, the more taxes they pay, while for business operators in Korea, they would be so unhappy and complain about it all the time, which shows different levels of civic consciousness.


Before telling what’s right and what’s wrong,

I want to make a good judgment on this myself because I’m not writing this letter to represent someone, either.


Going back to what I was talking about,

I just want to have deep thoughts about the situations we are currently going through in the facing time and our relations with Japan.


Current situation in public opinion and media organizations have been dichotomized of south korea. If you search the Internet, over the same issue of forced labor reparation ruling between Korea and Japan,

which has triggered Japan’s economic retaliation, The Chosun Ilbo and Shindonga is ultimately representing the Japan's interest, not South Korea's.

While the public broadcasting services or JTBC have published articles focused on nationalism.


Apart from question, of which is right and which is wrong,

Korean people have a sad legend (It does not refer to Korea's metal group sound.) of about the abuses they had suffered from Japan.

For many decades slaughter, torture, rape, etc.. not easily shaken off.

No sorry from japan.

However, many South Korea people think.. this is not a matter to be dealt with emotionally, but a matter to be approached symbiosis and rational.

How ridiculous and shameful!

How ridiculous and shameful!


I don’t know. what is national interests?

But I swear to God I’d rather die than being on their(Japanese) position.


The Jews would never succumb to the Germans ever again. But for us, we might one day bow before Japan’s economic and military power again. If we fail to learn any lessons from history.


Lastly, Japanese netizens write..

became the talk of the South Korea netizens.

“Why aren’t the Korean people thankful to the Japanese people who modernized their country?”




The Korean Councilor Hong Joon-pyo, the Free Korean Party, the Na Kyung-won, and the Hwang Kyo-an Because the pro-Japanese activities and words that spit out represent Japan and Japanese,

I am not worried because I can live against colonialism and illogical aptitude.


However, will it be a great blow to the Korean economy against Japan?

It is a media that emphasizes practical aspects, and as always, it is a great practical interests for highlighting.

As in the past, many elite were consistent with silence and pro-Japanese relations, and the general people were the resistant and independent.


It's Japan is provoking preemptive provocation,

and if we do boycotts,

"The our merchant is also damag. Do not do it."

Yes.. It is, the enemy came under the castle.

"We'll have casualties on our side, so let's surrender."

"We will be damage by our side, so let's surrender."

It was Historically, all sell one's country man is consistently advocate.

Jul 18. 2019 Facebook quote.


Ironically, Very few people seem to be buying our products in Japan, even Japanese bookstore with a "disgusted of korea" corner.

But last year, we spent 7.5 million people in Japan, spending 6 trillion won.

Then if.. we'd turn it into domestic..

Our country is the that sees the big deficit every year. from Japan..


In the past, they've been sound out at it once,

will soon they've been invaded.

If Korea surrenders to the Japanese economic retaliation ..

will extend to sovereignty and issue of Dokdo.


However, as Japan intended, the supply of hydrogen fluoride, a key semiconductor, the development of alternative materials in domestic companies has already been carried out. and is currently supplying alternative to foreign companies.In addition, domestic companies are awareness.

And simultaneous, stands aloof from the Japan.

If Importing country diversification, developing more homegrown components and not rely on made in Japan. It will be Medium and long term hardest hit for the Japan.


The government and President Moon Jae-in said, "There will be a bigger blow to Japan."

This is the time. Without focusing on this fact, it is necessary to

The and Chosun Ilbo and Shin Dong-a (pro-Japanese media) have only the government's emotional anti-Japanese feelings.

It stimulates domestic companies and people to the corner,

unhelpful to our national interests.

Follow the same bad methods as before, like sell one's country man.


It's no use crying over spilt milk(economic invasion)?

Even if it is unfair and unreasonable, do not stand up?


In the end, this game of Japanese economic invasion is not a matter

national or government. This is hands of the people of Korea.


Japan has been carrying out atrocities such as comfort women,

forced labor, independence fighter and numerous civilian genocide, 731 unit cruel vivisection, and so on. And they said demand proof.


The evidence is incalculable, even if it appears in a photo that can be found on the Internet without difficulty.

Third country, trying to remember.. most of the photographs are taken by foreign reporters as collateral for their lives.


But don't we forget about the people we're in?

I'm not trying to encourage anti-Japanese sentiment, but I forgive, but I don't forget. That's all there is to say..


July 24, 2019. Moon Choong-ho from One Korea.