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Wed, November 30, 2022 | 09:02
Why successful CEOs in the world practice meditation everyday?
Date : 2018-08-13 / Hit : 18976
Could we invite you to Free English TM Lecture on this Saturday?

Time: August 18, 2;30 pm -4:30 Pm

Place: Korean Transcendental Meditation Center in Gangnam, Seoul

Address: 11th flrs, Unam B/D, Gangnamdaero349, Seochogu, Seoul
(100 meters from 5th EXIT of Gangnam Subway station)

Reservation: 010-2759-0129,

Rreference: and


TM is a natural and easy technique, but very effective and joyful.

Many famous people in the world including Ray Dalio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch, Beatles, Prime Minister Modi,
Dr Oz, Elen DeGeneres, Clint East Wood etc practice and recommend TM.

Ophra Winfrey mentioned at TV interview,

" I'm a 1000% better person when I do TM. It's fantastic"

Looking forward to seeing you at Introductory Seminar.
Best Regard

Korean TM Teachers