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Wed, November 30, 2022 | 08:40
Pink Angels Orphan Girls Age 3-16 Myanmar: English Speaking Volunteers
Date : 2018-02-15 / Hit : 19755
We are an NGO in South Korea looking for English speaking volunteer(s) to support in

2. Facebook Fundraising Page Set up

for volunteering and fundraising to empower our 90 girls at nunnery in Yangon Myanmar.

Their dreams are mainly to become English Teachers, Global Leaders and Doctors.

We hope to support their basic needs (bad hygiene, bad quality water, dirty environment)

but our main objective is supporting their education with English books, English teachers' hours (remotely or in-person) and write and apply to organizations who would be able to better offer sustainable support to their education.

Thank you for your consideration and interest to be of service to our 90 pink angels, for their future.

Kindly send us your email and contact information and we will contact you. If you have a CV would also be very appreciated. Thank you!