Tuesday, June 2, 2015 | 4:21 p.m. ET     
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British election - in royal political context
The general election in Britain has confirmed that the nations politics are in great flux. The governing Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, has made unpredicted crucial gains.

The jobs report card offers little to brag about
At first glance, the nation's jobs report for April, released on Friday, appeared positive, until you looked below the surface - the already-disappointing job creation figures for March had to be adjusted downward and wages in April had barely inch..

Killings, censorship, control define new media landscape
UNITED NATIONS - The targeted killings of journalists, the suffocating censorship in many countries, and the widening governmental controls on media activities, characterize the contemporary media landscape in large parts of the world. Add the ghas..

Graduating toward America rich with opportunity
The path to high school graduation is complicated for millions of young people, particularly those living in poverty, with disabilities or trapped in dropout factory schools. Despite these challenges, school districts, communities and states are fi..

As UK elections go, so goes US?
Does Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron's smashing re-election victory last week in the United Kingdom presage good fortunes for Republicans in the 2016 presidential race? We're not making predictions. But history has shown a strong - althou..

Japan's sovereign principles and alliance
On April 29, 2015, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese politician to address a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress and the Senate. He delivered a speech in English for 45 minutes. And it was full of admiration for the U.S. and pledge..

Will new chairman of Joint Chiefs be independent?
President Barack Obama has nominated Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dunford waged war effectively in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But it's one thing to be a battlefield commander, even a four-star theate..

What the demise of Secret says about future of cyber rants
You say you've always wanted to make a fortune from an Internet startup? Let's test your skills as an investor: A Silicon Valley entrepreneur named David Byttow created a social media app allowing people to express opinions anonymously - to vent, t..

Building on years of success: Taiwan's health care challenges
Taiwan's National Health Insurance system is globally renowned for providing citizens with easy access to high-quality medical services. Over 99 percent of the population is enrolled in the single-payer NHI, while around 93 percent of the country..

Does Congress know we're at war?
When President Obama announced nine months ago that the United States was going to war against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Congress reached an unusual near-consensus on two big points: Entering the fight was a good idea, but it was also import..

Al Jazeera America's struggles reveal need for reset
Back in November, we welcomed Al Jazeera America's plan for a thoughtful and more serious approach to news coverage, in contrast to the flashy graphics and loud confrontation dominating other cable news channels. We promised to revisit the network'..

Cyber war and peace
MADRID - Information and communication technologies have become a central part of everyday life for most of the worlds population. They affect even the most underdeveloped and remote areas of the planet and have become a key factor driving develo..

First Mother's Day without a mother
"Orphan" is a very empty word, starting with the initial "O" that reminds me of a big, alphabetic hole. It conjures up images of loss, of being rootless, of unwanted and untenable liberty. When I think of "orphan," I think of something flying aroun..

Anti-Muslim event is protected free speech even if offensive
Pamela Geller, whose organization's Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest was attacked by two gunmen Sunday, has made offensive comments about Islam. But that in no way undermines her right to free speech or legitimizes violence against her or a..

China should heed ASEAN's opposition
Last week, on the eve of the annual ASEAN summit meeting, Beijing warned the 10-nation group to refrain from entangling itself in conflicts with China, which would risk cooperation with the emerging superpower. Maritime territorial disputes inv..

L. America between Kennan and Obama
BUENOS AIRES - The late American diplomat and strategist George Kennan is remembered as the creator of the doctrine of containment, which formed the centerpiece of the United States policy for waging the Cold War. But Kennan was also among the..

Germany's US spying habit is hard to break
Treason, reads the latest cover of Germanys influential weekly Der Spiegel. Yet, though the latest political scandal involving the U.S. National Security Agencys European spying operations is serious enough to threaten the career of German I..

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