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What a team: Football and Jesus
Last month, on a febrile afternoon before practice, the defensive coach of the Villa Rica Wildcats and 18 of his football players were baptized in a stock trough on the Villa Rica High School football field in Villa Rica, Ga. They filled the trough..

California's carbon fight
Say this for California's landmark bill to reduce carbon emissions: It doesn't lack for ambition. At the same time, it shows the pitfalls of relying too much on regulators instead of the market. The original bill would have set in law three extraor..

Picasso, the great thief
Henri Matisse wrote in a letter to his son in 1946 after Picasso visited him, Picasso had seen what he wanted, my paper cut-outs, my new paintingsall of it will ferment in his mind to his advantage. Matisses words were not meant to downplay ..

Make smokers into vapers
The FDA is considering proposals to regulate e-cigarettes that would discourage their use. Blanket laws discouraging the use of e-cigarettes are the wrong policy move. E-cigarettes have already shown themselves to be an appealing alternative to man..

One case of caustic teacher
For several years schools and courts have been wrestling with the question of whether students may be disciplined for statements posted online. But what if the person who posts the problematic message is a teache

Benefits of Korea-China FTA
Recently, President Park Keun-hye made a three day trip to China and brought back enormous economic and political benefits to Korea. Upon her arrival in Beijing, President Park and President Xi held a summit meeting and came to the following agreem..

Things hidden between lines on Xi's speech
While China's dazzling military parade last week can be understood on several levels, the underlying purpose of the entire show, in which 30 heads of state or government participated, was clear and straightforward: It was to rewrite history. The Da..

More humane approach to refugees
The vast majority of Americans, through lineage or otherwise, are immigrants, and certain politicians should not forget that. Aside from Native Americans, who can trace their time on this landmass back through countless generations, most people hav..

Problem of misdiagnosing poverty
Over the past 10 years, in spite of massive and growing funding of Americas anti-poverty agenda, the percentage of individuals able to support themselves free of government welfare has declined. The fundamental reason the nation has failed to eff..

Democrats have it backward
The Democratic candidates for president are trying to outdo one another with their ambitious proposals to reform the campaign-finance system. Yet without one vital change, none of these plans will make any difference.

It's time for redenomination
Redenomination has been occurring in Korea in many coffee shops, restaurants and bars, most notably in Gangnam, Itaewon and hangouts near Hongik University, though you may not have noticed it. It's already common to find an Americano priced at "3.0..

Wherefore art thou, Colin Powell?
One of my few regrets in a drab and entirely uninteresting political life is that I never got to vote for Colin Powell as president of the United States. I would have voted for him if he had run as a Republican or as a Democrat. He has what so few ..

Filibuster on Iran
It has been obvious for days that opponents in Congress would be unable to derail the agreement between Iran and six world powers to rein in the Islamic Republic's nuclear program in exchange for relief from debilitating economic sanctions. When Se..

Turkey's G20 ministers' meetings
Turkey has just hosted important meetings of top representatives of the Group of 20 (G20) nations. Finance ministers met Sept. 4-5, labor and employment ministers Sept. 3-4, both in capital city Ankara. The organization began in 1999 to further coo..

President Carter's achievements
In 1954, as segregationist organizations were springing up all over the South in response to Brown v. Board of Education, the chief of police and a Baptist minister in Plains, Ga., visited a peanut farmer at his warehouse and urged him to join the ..

So much for China's century
China in recent years has been seen - envied, feared - as a rising power, flexing its economic strength and geopolitical muscle. At times it has seemed that this is China's century, and we're just living in it. Funny then, as Chinese President Xi J..

President Park's dynamic diplomacy
International relations do not travel on the same railroad as history does. They change and are dynamic. President Park Geun-hye went to Beijing to attend the 70th anniversary commemorating the end of World War II.

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