Friday, March 6, 2015 | 4:24 p.m. ET     
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Springs Smart Silhouette: Blazers
Spring has finally arrived after months of bitter chill and snowfall. The long winter does have a silver lining, however, as warm-weather clothes have never looked better to eyes long accustomed to gray skies.

Korea Needs Only One Representative Fashion Show
If the government is serious about globalizing Korean fashion, it should be ready to give more financial support to designers, according to top fashion designer Rubina.

Seoul Fashion Week Ends Fall/Winter Shows
Winter has just ended but Korean designers have already given their fashion forecast for the coming fall and winter.

Andre Kims Romanticism in Beijing
BEIJING _ It was like a magical journey through time and space, from Renaissance Europe to ancient Korea with a glimpse of modern China.

Louis Quatorze Launches Paris Collection
Louis Quatorze introduced its Paris Collection of French chic-inspired handbags and accessories in Seoul last week.

[KoreaToday] Korean Fashion in Full Force on Streets of Kathmandu
KATHMANDU - The trendy icons of Hollywood and Bollywood have been eclipsed in Nepals fashion world by the Korean overcoat and long boots.

Andre Kim Offers Luxurious Fur Collection
Top Korean designer Andre Kim has just launched a luxurious line of coats through his new ``Fur Art Collection.'' Kim, considered a pioneer in Korean fashion

Future of Korean Fashion in 2010
If 2009 was any indication, then 2010 will be an exciting time for the Korean fashion industry. The year saw Seoul stepping up its efforts ...

Beauty From Gibraltar Crowned Miss World
Kaiane Aldorino, 23, from Gibraltar was crowned the Miss World and Europes Beauty Queen at the 59th Miss World pageant in Johannesburg Saturday evening.

Lea Seong Makes Milk Fabric Fashionable
It's been a little over a year since designer ...

Stars Shine at Andre Kims Atelier
Christmas filled the air, as renowned Korean designer Andre Kim opened the doors of his new design atelier in Giheung, Gyeonggi Province, with a memorable Best Star Awards and Christmas fashion show.

[KoreaToday] Steve J & Yoni P Makes Waves in London
Rising designers Steve Jung and Yoni Pai are making a name for themselves on the British fashion scene with their chic, impeccable designs with quirky details.

Pucca Set to Conquer the World
Pucca, the adorable red-and-black-clad Asian schoolgirl, is set to capture more hearts all over the world.

Pioneer Hanbok Designer Reinvents the Clothing
Lee Rheeza, a designer..

Pret-a-Porter Busan Will Kick Off Nov. 19
When it comes to fashion, Busan is not usually a city that comes to mind. The upcoming Pret-a-Porter Busan hopes to change that.

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