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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 17:44
One of 'Santa's elves' charged with drunk driving
A New Jersey man dressed as one of Santa’s elves may get a lump of coal in his stocking after police found him passed out and drunk in his car last week.
'Secret Santa' cops hand $100 bills instead of tickets
When a driver is pulled over by a police patrol car, the typical response is to brace oneself for a costly speeding ticket.
Man hospitalized after eggnog binge
A man in Salt Lake City was hospitalized after “chugging” eggnog at on office party, during a game to see who could down a quart of the creamy drink the fastest.
UN Security Council takes up N. Korean rights
Today on The Korea Times Podcast: North Korea appears on the U.N. Security Council’s agenda and hackers penetrate a nuclear reactor.
Spicy food linked to testosterone levels
Men who want to prove their “alpha-male” dominance can skip the arm-wrestling and grab a bottle of hot sauce instead.
Cow jumps butcher shop fence, police chase after
A cow being prepared for slaughter at a meat-processing business in Pocatello, Idaho jumped over fence and ran through town earlier this month, the Associated Press reports.
Forget 'man bites dog.' This dog shot a man
Many people have heard the saying, that a story about a man biting a dog is more newsworthy than when a dog bites a man.
New York Metro to fight 'manspreading' blight
New York City’s transit authorities are gearing up a campaign to stop a phenomenon in the subways known as “manspreading” ­ the splaying of one’s legs when sitting on the train.
Unprecedented ruling on UPP met with hurrahs, fears of McCarthyism
Today on The Korea Times Podcast: The Constitutional Court dissolves the United Progressive Party and only one judge dissents. Plus Seoul backs the United Nations on referring North Korea to the International Criminal Court.
'Jet-man' Yves Rossy soars above Dubai
A video showing the closest thing mankind has to a flying superhero has gone viral.
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