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Reporter : Kim Yoo-chul
Wed, March 29, 2023 | 15:56
[ANALYSIS] Friendshoring or protectionism?
Maintaining close relationships requires sacrifice - but sacrifice means little when partners aren't mutually supportive.
[INTERVIEW] 'NK will conduct nuclear test for position of strength in talks'
The chief North Korea analyst at a New York-based nonpartisan think tank believes Pyongyang is set to conduct a nuclear test within this year at the earliest.
[INTERVIEW] Google's in-app payment rules to limit consumer choice
Despite its decision to accept the use of third-party payment services of smartphone apps in major markets, Google's in-app payment rules are still at the center of controversy in South Korea, as the country's top telecom regulator has been looking to see if the rules violate the nation's new laws that went into effect last year.
[ANALYSIS] 'Chip 4 aims to control Samsung-TSMC rivalry for Intel'
The United States passed the CHIPS and Science Act 2022. The core aim of the Act, which includes $52 billion in federal assistance to support cutting-edge chip manufacturing and research projects in the U.S., is Washington's hope for fostering a successful collaborative effort with its allies to construct a stable chip supply chain.
[ANALYSIS] Why Three Nos don't matter for Seoul-Beijing ties
Defending the status quo can be a difficult and lonely position to be in, especially in an age where political policies are established based on conflicts between long-time allies and strategic partners.
[INTERVIEW] 'Beijing can't retaliate against Seoul for Chip 4'
Just a few days before the preliminary meeting of a U.S.-led group of major semiconductor manufacturers that includes Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, the chairwoman of a special parliamentary committee on semiconductors said China cannot retaliate against South Korea for joining the group, widely known as the Chip 4. Despite China's repeated complaints and expressions of dissa...
[INTERVIEW] Korea to tighten monetary policy further: Fitch
Consumer inflation in South Korea continues to rise at a rapid pace, raising the odds that the country's central bank - the Bank of Korea (BOK) - will deliver another 50-basis-point rate hike at its August policy meeting. The top-tier global credit rating agency, Fitch, is ready to revise higher its rate forecast for the BOK. The country's consumer inflation soared to the hig...
[ANALYSIS] Why Beijing won't retaliate against Seoul for 'Chip 4'
The South Korean government has begun engaging in active diplomacy to allay Beijing's concerns by defining the “Chip 4” alliance as nothing more than a partnership for supply chain resilience as Seoul confirmed its plan to attend a preliminary meeting of the consultative body sometime early September this year. “The foreign ministry confirmed the country's plan to attend a pr...
[INTERVIEW] KT seeks to change from dull telecom firm into fun platform
Old-fashioned business models and aversion to risks have left Korean telecom companies lagging behind rivals in a cutthroat competition to innovate.
[ANALYSIS] Kim Jong-un wants to follow in Pakistan's nuke footsteps: ex-aides
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un officially warned that his regime is prepared to use nuclear weapons in a possible military confrontation with the United States and South Korea, while observers expect Pyongyang to delay its seventh nuclear test until after the Chinese Communist Party completes its convention in the fall.
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