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Fri, December 2, 2022 | 12:55
Korean Air 'nut rage' heiress convicted of assaulting husband
Cho was charged in February with assault of her husband and child abuse. She reportedly yelled at him and choked him while arguing over family issues. At one point, she hurled a tablet PC at him that injured his big toe.
Big Korean companies cut 10,000 employees to deal with pandemic: data
South Korea's top 500 companies let go more than 10,000 employees between February and March in a preemptive measure to deal with the looming specter of recession driven by the protracted coronavirus pandemic, data showed on Wednesday.
Pentagon releases three UFO videos taken by US Navy pilots [VIDEO]
The black-and-white videos were recorded during training flights - one in November 2004 and two in January 2015 - and later leaked to the public, the Pentagon said.
Coronavirus con: Man who deceived police to escape custody ends up in jail
The man was behind bars for a violence case involving a taxi driver and a police officer. While in custody, he asked a police officer to come closer because he had something to say. When the officer was within arm's reach, the man spat at his face three times and said “I've contracted coronavirus.”
As coronavirus falters, mysterious inflammatory disease emerges in Europe
Those infected with the disease are children or infants who arrived at hospital with high fevers and swollen arteries, according to reports. There are no confirmed cases of children dying from the syndrome.
Closer to normal [PHOTOS]
Basking in warm spring sunlight, medical workers walk out of Seoul Medical Center after looking after coronavirus patients. South Korea's infection curve has flattened significantly, with only around 10 new cases reported each day and the number of quarantined patients now below 1,700.
'I'm not pregnant': Celebrity businesswoman denies shotgun wedding
Singer-turned-businesswoman Kim Joon-hee has angrily denied rumors of a “shotgun wedding.
Upcoming consecutive holiday 'watershed moment' in fight against coronavirus
A consecutive holiday that will last up to six days is set to begin from Thursday. And the period will be a “watershed moment” in the nation's protracted fight against coronavirus, a top health official said Tuesday.
Thumb-up: A shout-out to health workers [PHOTOS]
A “Shout-out to health workers” campaign, represented by the hand shape, has gone viral online since the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures HQ launched the campaign on Apr. 16. Numerous people from all walks of life - children, bureaucrats, office workers, celebrates, police officers, firefighters and soldiers, to name a few - have participated, sharing photos of the...
Woman, 92, re-infected with coronavirus 18 days after 'recovery'
A woman, 92 - confirmed to have recovered from the coronavirus 18 days ago - has tested positive again and is being treated at Ulsan University Hospital.
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