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Mon, February 26, 2024 | 22:34
Baby, parents re-infected with coronavirus 10 days after recovery
A 17-month-old baby and her parents have been re-infected with coronavirus 10 days after they had recovered from the virus, health authorities said on Sunday.”
Small donations that are more valuable than millions of dollars
Choi, 90, ekes out a living in Namdong-gu, Incheon, selling her hand-woven kitchen cleaning sponges for a 1,000 won ($0.82) each. The woman, who was wrestling with declining sales amid the coronavirus pandemic, went to her town's public welfare center on Thursday and carefully handed over a cash-stuffed envelope to an official.
97-year-old recovers from coronavirus; the oldest back in shape in South Korea
A 97-year-old woman has recovered from coronavirus after a two-week treatment, becoming the oldest South Korean to prevail in a fight against the deadly virus.
China confirms hantavirus outbreak, 1st death reported
Hantavirus is an extremely rare virus that infects humans through dust contaminated by the saliva, urine or feces of a rodent. It causes a disease that attacks the heart and kills about 36-40 percent of patients, but it doesn't spread from person to person.
86% of coronavirus fatalities had chronic high blood pressure, diabetes: data
An analysis of coronavirus fatalities shows 86 percent of people who died from the virus in South Korea suffered high blood pressure or diabetes, or a combination of the two. This was based on data from 124 fatalities (as of 3 p.m. Tuesday) announced by the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).
'No fever, cough but extreme hammer-struck headache': recovered coronavirus patient recalls
Park Soon-ok, 83, who recently defeated the viral disease, said she had had neither fever nor cough. Instead she suffered “extreme headache” whose severity was like “being struck on the head with a hammer.”
Kim On-soo awarded for boosting academic exchanges at University of Utah Asia Campus
Kim shared the 2020 Excellence in Global Engagement Award with Steve Burian, an environmental engineering professor at the University of Utah.
Expert's dire warning: 'Coronavirus infections could surge in autumn'
Oh Myung-don, a renowned infectious diseases physician at Seoul National University Hospital, made the dismal forecast on Monday, citing the patterns of virus spread observed with the 1918 Spanish flu. He said a vaccine is the only thing that can derail the scenario but it would take “at least 12 months from now” for one to be ready.
17-year-old with pneumonia symptoms dies in Daegu
If the boy is confirmed to have died from coronavirus, he will be the youngest victim here of a disease that has claimed 84 lives in South Korea (as of noon Wednesday).He reportedly visited a medium-size hospital in Daegu on March 13 complaining of fever. An X-ray revealed he was developing pneumonia and he was sent to a bigger hospital, Yeungnam University Medical Center. On...
People with type A blood more likely to catch coronavirus: study
In the general population, type O blood (34 percent) is more common than type A (32 percent). But in the infected, this was reversed, with type O people at 25 percent and type A at 41 percent. People with type O blood made up 25 percent of deaths in the research. Normally, people with type O blood account for 32 percent Wuhan's population.
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