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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Fri, December 8, 2023 | 05:17
Night shift mandate for male workers ignites controversy
The human rights commission is facing a backlash from some men, as well as a ruling party lawmaker, after rejecting a petition calling for a change to the corporate practice of obligating only male employees to work night shifts. The commission said the practice is not seen as discrimination based on gender.
More snow and freezing weather to hit nation
Korea saw temperatures rise above freezing on Wednesday, offering a brief respite from the week-long freezing weather. But a cold snap accompanied by more heavy snow is expected to grip the nation again from Thursday through Christmas Eve.
Korea urged to prepare for new COVID-19 variants from China
Korea should brace for a possible influx of new coronavirus variants from China, says local medical experts, who worry that the neighboring country's abrupt reopening policies could spawn mutations of the virus. After the Chinese government abruptly rolled back its yearslong zero-COVID-19 strategy earlier this month, the nation is currently facing what could possibly be the w...
Health minister reaffirms need for state insurance reforms
Health and Welfare Minister Cho Kyu-hong reaffirmed the need to reform the national health insurance program in order to enhance its financial sustainability and better provide medical services to people in need. “During the last five years, the expansion of health insurance coverage has led to a tremendous increase in medical expenses (of the state insurance program) in a sh...
Why men are at higher risk of dying alone than women
A rising number of lonely deaths, or “Godoksa” in Korean, has been widely considered as a consequence of the country's rapidly aging population. It was often thought that the unattended deaths, which go unnoticed for days, or even months, usually occur among elderly people who had been cut off from their families, relatives and neighbors for a long time. In Korea, however, th...
Cold snap to continue this week
A nationwide cold spell accompanied by heavy snow and biting winds, which has sparked travel chaos in many parts of the nation, is expected to continue through this week, according to the state weather agency. The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said morning lows in Seoul plummeted to minus 12 degrees Celsius on Sunday, marking the coldest weather this season, with ...
Indoor mask rule to be lifted as early as mid-January
Next month's Lunar New Year holidays could be the first mask-free holiday season for Koreans in three years, as the government is considering lifting the indoor mask mandate before the public holiday, which runs from Jan. 22. While the Ministry of Health and Welfare is set to announce on Friday detailed measures on when and how the mask requirement will be relaxed based on di...
Gov't warns of hypothermia and frostbite as cold snap grips nation
Korea witnessed the coldest weather of the season on Wednesday with morning lows plummeting to minus 10 degrees Celsius in the capital region, prompting the government to issue hypothermia and frostbite warnings. The mercury nosedived to minus 10.7 degrees in Seoul while neighboring Dongducheon and Suwon of Gyeonggi Province saw minus 12.7 and 11.2 degrees, according to the K...
Unionized truckers end strike on day 16
Unionized cargo truck drivers voted to return to work, Friday, ending their 16-day-long strike, after their collective action was met with toughened measures by the government, which had been responding with unprecedented return-to-work orders.
Bio industry will continue to see export boom next year: think tank
Triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea's bio-health industry has been enjoying an export boom in vaccines and diagnostic kits. This trend is expected to continue throughout next year, according to the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).