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Tue, December 6, 2022 | 22:48
5-year prison term demanded for CJ head
The prosecution asked the appeals court to increase the jail term for CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-hyun to five years, Thursday, saying he deserved a harsher punishment.
Teacher probed for sexually abusing 7 elementary students
A male elementary school teacher in Seoul is being investigated for allegedly sexually abusing seven fifth-grade female students in his class, police said Thursday.
Mother arrested for abandoning children
A mother in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, has been arrested for abandoning her three children in order to live with her new boyfriend, police said Monday.
Councilor's motives for murder being examined
Seoul City councilor Kim Hyeong-sik, who has been arrested for commissioning the murder of a wealthy businessman in March, had received bribes on numerous occasions from the victim, police said Tuesday.
Seoul councilor helped friend flee to China after murder
Kim Hyeong-sik, a Seoul City councilor who is being investigated for allegedly getting his friend to kill an elderly creditor, helped him flee to China after the murder, police said Monday.
Seoul councilor arrested for commissioning murder
Seoul City councilor Kim Hyeong-sik has been arrested on suspicion of abetting the murder of a creditor, police said Sunday.
Bird flu hits Hoengseong
Gangwon Province is strengthening quarantine measures around livestock farms after a case of avian influenza was reported at a goose farm in Hoengseong Saturday.
Voting for the future
To some voters, elections are quite tricky. They use their own standards to pick those who they believe can best serve the people, but they don’t always meet their expectations after being elected. Even if that happens, it is impossible for the voters to later declare their votes invalid.
KBS CEO gets tough with strike
KBS President Gil Hwan-young appears to be using former MBC President Kim Jae-chul as his mentor in dealing with defiant workers.
Hankook Ilbo names top executives
The Hankook Ilbo, a sister paper of The Korea Times, Thursday promoted its vice president Lee Jun-hee to be president-publisher.
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