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Sat, March 25, 2023 | 14:38
Music show contestant found dead at home
Musician Woo Hye-mi, 31, was found dead in her home on Saturday, according to her friends and police. Woo was a contestant on Mnet's 2012 audition program “The Voice of Korea.” There were reportedly no signs of foul play. According to her colleagues, Woo had been out of contact since Friday. They tried to reach her several times but she didn't answer.
'Our Body' explores way out at corner of life
“Our Body” is a film about our body, and how it changes when we run. Rather than emphasizing health, the film explores the metaphor of the human body and how running can change our state of mind and eventually our lives. Ja-young (Choi Hee-seo) who is studying and preparing for the Civil Service Examination in her 30s, finds an escape in running after failing the exam repeate...
'Maggie' untangles trust building, repairing
Director Yi Ok-seop's award-winning film “Maggie” has drawn much attention since last year when it garnered four prizes at the Busan International Film Festival. The film centers on young people's anxieties and their efforts to untangle themselves from their own trust issues by exploring how trust is destroyed and repaired, which requires a great deal of mutual effort. During...
Boy band recounts pressure of creating music
The 13-member boy band “SEVENTEEN” released its third full-length album “An Ode,” Monday. The new album is along the same lines as their digital mini-album “HIT” that was released in August.
All Chinese girl band debuts as 'K-pop' group
All-Chinese girl group FANXY RED debuted in Korea last month. The four-member girl group claims to be a K-pop band, as their music and choreography are influenced by K-pop and they are active in Korea, the homeland of K-pop.
Female duo BOL4 mature in music, style
BOL4 (Bolbbalgan 4) has returned with a completely different style in music and fashion. BOL4 is a female duo with vocalist An Ji-yeong and guitarist Woo Ji-yun, who has enjoyed mainstream popularity as well as on the indie music scene. “Two Five,” their new mini album, shows a drastic change from a sweet girl image to sexy and rebellious, which was reflected in their choice ...
Singer Im Chang-jung never tired of singing
Singer Im Chang-jung released his latest album “Never Ending” last Friday. The 15 songs are about each month from January to December with the extra track “13th month,” and two instrumental versions.
Amid low ratings, director finds hope in avid viewers
Director Lee Byung-heon's “Extreme Job” became the hottest film after attracting an audience of around 16 million early this year. His TV series “Be Melodramatic,” however, has had a disappointing viewership rate of one percent.
Gong Hyo-jin acts with Kim Rae-won in “Most Ordinary Romance”
Actress Gong Hyo-jin, and actor Kim Rae-won are back together as an on-screen couple with a new film “The Most Ordinary Romance,” which will be released in October. This is their first film together in 16 years. At the press conference held on Thursday at CGV Apgujeong in southern Seoul, starring actors and director Kim Han-gyeol joined to talk about the film and their though...
Oh Yeon-seo denies affair with fellow actress' husband
Actress Oh Yeon-seo has denied a rumor that she is having an affair with actor Ahn Jae-hyeon, the estranged husband of Ku Hye-sun, threatening legal action against “the rumormonger” for spreading the “baseless allegation.” Her reaction came hours after Ku uploaded a post on Instagram saying she was considering divorce after hearing her husband was having relations with an uns...
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