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Sat, March 25, 2023 | 12:57
Traditional Korean sweets gaining popularity
Demand for traditional Korean sweets and cookies is increasing as people are trying to find more unique desserts. The interest in finding something new in old things among young Korean people nowadays also plays a role in their popularity.
Court orders BBQ to pay W 200 mil. to BHC
The Seoul High Court ordered the country's leading fried chicken franchise operator BBQ to pay the unpaid price of goods to BHC, Thursday.
GS Chairman emphasizes innovation as key topic
GS Group Chairman Huh Tae-soo is working to accelerate the group's progress in digital and open innovation. On Tuesday, the chairman took a lecture session run by Larry Leifer, the director of the design thinking research program at Stanford University, under the subject of “Dancing with Ambiguity.”
CJ CheilJedang to focus on both financial stability, innovation
Amid a deteriorating cash flow, part of which stems from recent acquisition deals, CJ CheilJedang CEO Kang Shin-ho said the company will pursue financial stability to guarantee future cash flows by focusing more on qualitative growth.
K-beauty business focuses on pioneering new global market
Domestic K-beauty businesses are spreading into various regions, not only big markets such as China and the U.S. but also rising markets in Southeast Asia and Europe.
Small regional business cies over IKEA Giheung's arrival
IKEA Korea opened its third outlet in Dec. 2019 in Giheung, Yong-in, Gyeonggi Province, but not all people welcomed its arrival. Concerns are rising over how it will reach a compromise with small, mid-sized business there, and how extreme traffic jams in the area will be dealt with.
Innocean attracts millennials with creative cruelty-free campaign
Social consciousness is becoming one of the key elements employed by the fashion industry when targeting millennials. One of the hottest trends is vegan culture which rejects clothing made using any animal products.
Mobility industry focuses on upgraded rent-a-car service
Rent-a-car services are becoming more popular in the mobility industry, as the share economy becomes standard for customers.
Multi-talented singer MAX to hold first concert in Seoul
Singer-songwriter, model and actor MAX will visit Seoul on his “The Intimate Af Tour,” Jan. 14. Ahead of his first concert in Korea, the multi-faceted musician shared his thoughts via an e-mail interview with The Korea Times. MAX, also known as Maxwell George Schneider, is a New York-based singer who has been building his career since he appeared in the Broadway musical “13” ...
Actor sympathizes with working man character
Actor Ahn Nae-sang, who plays the lead character in JTBC's new drama “Human Luwak,” said, Monday he could fully understand the heavy burdens people shoulder every day at work through his work in the role. “My character (Jung Cha-shik) is a man who doesn't know what to do because he has no money saved for his family and is stuck in the same position forever at work. I thought ...
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