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Fri, December 9, 2022 | 18:10
Graphic novel 'The Waiting' nominated for Harvey Award
Graphic novelist Keum Suk Gendry-Kim's “The Waiting,” which tells the heart-wrenching story of families forcibly separated during the 1950-53 Korean War, has been nominated for this year's prestigious Harvey Awards. The Harvey Awards have celebrated quality comic books, graphic novels and manga since its establishment in 1988 to commemorate the literary achievements of Harvey...
Star novelist's 'Harbin' on Korean independence fighter becomes bestseller
Kim Hoon's latest book, “Harbin,” on independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun (1879-1910), has become a new bestseller in major local online bookstores. Published on Aug. 3 ahead of the 77th anniversary of Liberation Day on Aug. 15, the novel has climbed to the top of the bestseller lists of both YES24 and Kyobo Books for the first week of August
Late Samsung chairman's collection highlights painter Lee Jung-seop as family man
While touted as one of the most iconic modern artists of Korea, whose paintings of bulls letting out spirited cries came to symbolize Korean national identity, Lee Jung-seop (1916-56) was, ultimately, a family man. The painter's desperate yearning for a reunion with his wife and two sons, who had crossed the sea to Japan in 1952, after leading a life of destitution in war-tor...
Death of young webtoon artist sparks controversy over harsh working conditions
In the wake of the death of 37-year-old webtoon illustrator Jang Sung-rak last month following an unexpected health issue, concerns have been once again mounting over webcomics artists' poor, harsh working conditions. Since 2018, Jang had served as an illustrator for the globally popular fantasy action series, “Solo Leveling.”
'Free Chol Soo Lee': How young Korean immigrant's wrongful conviction led to pan Asian American resistance movement
Born in 1952 in Seoul during the turmoil of the 1950-53 Korean War, Chol Soo Lee had no idea what would lay ahead of him when he was yanked away from his homeland at the mere age of 12 to be reunited with his mother in San Francisco. Growing up in the city's Chinatown as “the only Korean” kid with no English communication skills, Lee soon fell into the isolated life of a yout...
[INTERVIEW] Leandro Erlich's questioning of our perception of reality carries new meaning in pandemic
The image of the exterior of a four-story Haussmann apartment building in the middle of the Han River's Nodeul Island has turned into an unexpected playground for daring Seoul citizens. Some attempt to claw their way up the steep structure, while others enjoy their time precariously hanging off a wrought iron balcony. No, none of them have suddenly become masters at defying t...
'Baby Shark' feature film to premiere on Paramount+ next year
The mega-popular “Baby Shark” franchise, which has the world's first YouTube video to reach the 10-billion views mark, is returning with its first-ever original animated feature next year. Tentatively titled, “Baby Shark's Big Movie!” the upcoming film inspired by the hit children's song is set to premiere on U.S. streaming service Paramount+ during the 2023 holiday season.
Templestay, glimpse of millennium-old history of Korean Buddhists' road to self-cultivation
GIMCHEON, North Gyeongsang Province - In the breezy morning of July 22, just hours after chanting mantras for a 4:30 a.m. “yebul” (daily Buddhist ceremonial service), 23 university students gathered in a circle for a teatime session, or “chadam,” with Ven. Inwol at Jikji Temple in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province. In between sips of refreshing “maesil” (green plum) tea and...
VR film about poet Yun Dong-ju invited to Venice Film Festival
A virtual reality (VR) film depicting the life of Yun Dong-ju (1917-45), one of the most acclaimed poets in Korea's modern history, has been officially invited to compete in the 79th Venice International Film Festival. “Poet's Room” has been selected to compete in the festival's Venice Immersive section, the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) and the Korea Cultural Herita...
Liquor industry's collaboration with entertainment sector continues
In recent months, the liquor sector has been seeking a breakthrough in terms of launching viral marketing to target younger drinkers in their 20s and 30s. Some have found the answer by forming collaborations with popular performers in the entertainment sector ― K-pop and webtoon ― with a wide following. Mokpo-based brewing company Bohae in South Jeolla Province announced Wedn...
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