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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Sat, March 25, 2023 | 12:47
[INTERVIEW] Kim Whanki drawing found not on canvas, but on earthen plate
Korea's pioneering abstract master, Kim Whanki (1913-1974), is best known for his artistic focus on East Asian cultural motifs like moon jars, as well as his later transition into paintings, featuring an abstract constellation of dots. In recent years, Kim's name has made headlines in the art circle once again, as the value of his works has continued to increase.
International Sculpture Festa 2021 brings spotlight to sculpture
The International Sculpture Festa 2021 (ISF 2021), the nation's largest exhibition focused on the genre of sculpture, is showing the works of more than 140 artists from here and abroad during this year's edition at the Seoul Arts Center's Hangaram Art Museum, in southern Seoul.
Canvas becomes flower garden from artist's memories of childhood
Visual artist Cho Sung-hee's painting may look like a “Dansaekhwa” (“monochrome painting”) work from afar, awash with the vivid hues of red or snow white. But a closer look reveals hundreds of thousands of flower petals and stems formed from hanji (traditional Korean paper made from the bark of mulberry trees) firmly placed onto the canvas by hand.
Late Korean realist sculptor's works reframed through photographic exhibition
Along his path of artistic exploration towards reaching the zenith of sculptural elegance, modern sculptor Kwon Jin-kyu (1922-1973) had a close but tumultuous relationship with Korea's neighboring country, Japan - one that was at times oppressive and at others inspirational.
Korea, France to collaborate in scientific analysis of 'Jikji'
The Cheongju city government in North Chungcheong Province and two of France's national institutions will launch a joint scientific project to analyze “Jikji Simche Yojeol,” better known as “Jikji” - the world's oldest surviving book printed with movable metal type.
South Korea seeks to inscribe 2 grassroots protests on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register
The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) will step up its efforts again to enlist two of Korea's grassroots protests on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register, three years after it was stalled over a China-Japan dispute.
History of epidemics in Korea explored at National Folk Museum
“Last night, the symptoms of my child who has fallen ill with smallpox grew so much worse that I could hear him coughing up phlegm from outside the house. I am deeply worried that he may not be able to live to see another day.”
Exhibition becomes compact archive of intergenerational queer narratives
In September 1980, Hong Kong-born American queer photographer Tseng Kwong Chi captured in a still image the mesmerizing presence of 19-year-old ballet dancer Shawn McQuate, who was active in New York's East Village countercultural scene during the 1980s.
Exploring Park Soo-keun's oeuvre in new light beyond limiting labels
In 1926, then a 12-year-old boy, Park Soo-keun's fateful encounter with Jean-Francois Millet's iconic painting of “The Angelus” awakened his artistic passion. His dream to become a painter was certainly an ambitious - even reckless - one, as his family's loss of fortune made any formal art education after elementary school an unthinkable luxury.
South Africa-based artist brings domestic life to forefront via silk tapestries
South Africa-based visual artist Billie Zangewa embodies the message, “The personal is political,” through her artistic snapshot of domesticity. As an artist and a single mother, she turns the seemingly humdrum tasks and encounters at home - things women do that often go unacknowledged, like cooking, sewing and inviting close family members for her 8-year-old son's birthday -...