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Sun, November 27, 2022 | 14:08
Park Seo-bo becomes first Korean artist to join Louis Vuitton's ArtyCapucines collection
Louis Vuitton has unveiled this week its 2022 ArtyCapucines bag collection, born from the French luxury house's collaboration with six renowned contemporary artists. Among them is “Dansaekhwa” (monochrome painting) master Park Seo-bo, who became the first Korean creator to be part of the project.
Ro Eun-nim, nurse-turned-painter, dies at 76 in Germany
Germany-based painter Ro Eun-nim, who was best known for bringing to life semi-abstract representations of fish, birds, mammals and flowers on canvas as a vibrant ode to nature, died Tuesday after battling cancer. She was 76. Born in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, in 1946, Ro made the decision to move to Germany in 1970 at the age of 24 shortly after her mother's sudden death.
Visual artist captures ephemeral candlelight as launchpad for collective solidarity
For over five millennia, flickering candles have illuminated the history of humanity with their mystical glow. For many, they have been more than just sources of light and heat against hours of darkness, signifying at times moments of spirituality as well as the remembrance of the deceased. In present-day Korea, candlelight has turned into a symbol of peaceful resistance agai...
Hanbok Culture Week 2022 kicks off in 36 cities worldwide
Hanbok Culture Week 2022, a nationwide festival held every October since 2018 to promote the beauty and history of Korean traditional clothing, began its seven-day run on Monday. This year's edition is set to be staged far beyond the confines of Seoul, with a series of hanbok-related events kicking off simultaneously across 36 major cities in 17 countries.
Korean artist's traveling project with youth with autism unfurls in Mexico
More than 2,000 colorful paper butterflies born from the hands of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) around the world have found a temporary new home in the Mexican city of Guanajuato. Each butterfly perched gently on the surface of the wall of the Congress of Guanajuato is the fruit of Korean artist Ahn Yun-mo's years-long global project called “Bec...
Seoul has new Michelin 3-star restaurant in town
The Michelin Guide's coveted three-star list in Seoul has undergone a change for the first time since its inaugural edition in 2016, now with two gourmet restaurants ― Gaon, which has maintained its ranking since the beginning with its traditional Korean cuisine, and newcomer, Mosu. Chef Sung Anh's Mosu, a five-year-old contemporary eatery in Yongsan District's Itaewon area t...
World's first-ever Haribo-themed media art show arrives in Seoul
Haribo's instantly recognizable collection of multihued gummy bears has arrived in Seoul for its first-ever media art exhibition. Held as a centennial celebration of the global confectionery brand's signature Goldbears, “Welcome to the Haribo World” has turned the Insa Central Museum in downtown Seoul into a 1,300-square-meter interactive universe of mouth-watering gelatinous...
[INTERVIEW] Black-and-white photos offer glimpse into layered cultural identity of Koryoin
A black-and-white snapshot captures one family's springtime visit to an ancestral gravesite in 1993 - a familiar scenery in Korea during major traditional holidays, with dishes of fruit, meat and a bottle of liquor laid out neatly for the spirit of the deceased. But something seems different here, namely the shape of the tomb, as well as the language of the epitaph.
26th Pentecostal World Conference to land in Seoul this week
Thousands of representatives and congregants of Pentecostal denominations from some 170 nations around the globe - known as the Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF) - will flock to Seoul this week for the global triennial spiritual conference. The 26th Pentecostal World Conference (PWC), running from Oct. 12 to 14, is organized by the Yoido Full Gospel Church, the largest Prote...
How webtoons became go-to source material for screen adaptations in Korea
Global audiences who find themselves hooked on Korean series like “All of Us Are Dead,” “Hellbound,” “The Uncanny Counter” and “Business Proposal” may overlook the one thing these titles have in common - their origins as webtoons. In fact, over the last decade, more than 100 webcomics in Korea have found varying degrees of success far beyond smartphone screens, being turned i...
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