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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Tue, March 21, 2023 | 11:08
Korean zombie drama becomes latest victim of piracy in China
Netflix's new zombie apocalypse series, “All of Us Are Dead,” the third Korean show to top the streaming giant's global chart since its debut on Jan. 28, has become the latest victim of piracy and illegal distribution in China.
Myanmarese author's harrowing chronicle of protest published in Korea
The beginning of the year 2021 marked a deadly turning point for Myanmar. While it seemed that an inkling of hope arrived for the Southeast Asian nation gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic with the gradual rollout of the vaccine, the Feb. 1 military coup changed everything.
China's 'cultural appropriation' continues with hanbok featured at Beijing Winter Olympics
Amid the visual spectacle of the Beijing Winter Olympics' opening ceremony on Friday, what caught Korean viewers' eyes was none other than the attire of one particular performer. At the beginning of the ceremony, a woman clad in a snow-white “jeogori” top and pale pink “chima” skirt - which together constitute traditional Korean dress called “hanbok” - was seen carrying the C...
K-pop meets webtoons in soundtrack songs
The BTS-inspired urban fantasy webcomic series “7FATES: CHAKHO,” which continues to top the new and trending charts of Naver Webtoon's global platform since its January release, has grabbed headlines yet again - this time, for the scheduled release of “Stay Alive,” a song by BTS members serving as a musical score for the comic.
Ulsan Art Museum: 21st-century media art museum finds home in industrial port city
ULSAN - It was the year 1993 when the video art visionary Nam June Paik first showcased “Turtle” in Germany - his own monumental tribute to Joseon-era Admiral Yi Sun-shin (1545-98), who was renowned for successfully employing turtle ships in his naval strategies against Japanese invaders.
Not-to-miss art exhibitions, fairs in 2022
As Korea continues to rise as a cultural behemoth in the 21st century, with the streak of successes it has achieved in music, TV and films, art museums and galleries here are also eyeing to promote what they have started calling “K-art,” in connection with “hallyu,” or the Korean Wave.
Kansong museum's auction participation draws controversy over national treasure trading
Two state-designated national treasures from the collection of the Kansong Art Museum have been put up for auction but failed to find a new home, stirring controversy over the implications of the museum's decision to commercially trade in artifacts of significant cultural and historical value.
Lunar New Year drawings warding off evil spirits adorn Gwanghwamun
During the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom, a curious-looking set of drawings would be posted on the main gate of the royal palace every Lunar New Year's Day. They were “munbaedo” - images of both real-life and fantasy animals, like tigers, dragons, magpies and “haetae” (a lion-like horned creature), as well as golden-armored generals - placed at the entrance to ward off any evil sp...
94-year-old Song Hae seeks Guinness World Record as oldest music show host
Veteran entertainer Song Hae, whose signature voice and gestures as emcee of the “National Singing Contest” have made him an icon of Korean television, is now seeking the Guinness World Record for being the world's oldest TV music talent show host, the public broadcaster KBS announced, Tuesday.
Webtoons grow as entertainment industry tool to expand intellectual property
Day by day, it is becoming more difficult to define “webtoons” simply within the genre of comics. As more K-pop agencies, drama production houses and even game developers are joining to create web comics based on their original content, webtoons have become a crucial marketing tool to expand the scope of their intellectual property (IP) and build unique “universes” that will ...