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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Sat, March 25, 2023 | 13:16
Artist Yang Hae-gue keeps searching for alternative lens to counter 'given' history
Yang Hae-gue, also stylized as Haegue Yang, is a globetrotting artist whose years-long “nomadic” life spent alternately in Berlin and Seoul, as well as other major cities where she holds her shows, has led to her distinct preoccupation with exile, transnationality and decolonization.
Lee Suzy becomes first Korean illustrator to win Hans Christian Andersen Award
Picture book artist Lee Suzy has become the first Korean illustrator to win the distinguished Hans Christian Andersen Award (HCAA). The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), the award's organizer, announced this year's winner at its press conference held at Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy, Monday (local time).
Antique Louis Vuitton trunks become storytellers of modern human history
The history of Louis Vuitton's trunks began in 1858 with the debut of its first flat-topped luggage that was lighter, waterproof, and most importantly, stackable ― a radical departure from the then-popular, heavier leather trunk with a dome top.
K-pop seeks collaborations with liquor industry
As the K-pop industry seeks to expand beyond the realm of music and popular media content, some labels and artists have found the answer by forming new collaborations with the alcohol sector.
Exhibition in Australia to revisit Mackenzie family's legacy in Korea
In 1910, just months before Korea was annexed by the Japanese Empire, a middle-aged missionary of the Presbyterian Church set foot in the port city of Busan, far away from his homeland of Australia.
Behind Alex Prager's Hollywood aesthetics lies intriguing darkness
Skinny young women clad in bikinis, holding a cigarette in one hand and a can of Budweiser in the other, seem to be a cliched staple of a wild pool party depicted in the popular American media. They're simply there as “props” to offer a quick glance into a hedonistic lifestyle that a majority of the population cannot afford, and nothing more.
Media artist Choi Chan-sook named winner of Korea Artist Prize 2021
Media artist Choi Chan-sook has been named the winner of the Korea Artist Prize 2021, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) announced, Monday. As an artist based in Berlin and Seoul, Choi has long utilized her personal history of migration as a lens to view the concepts of land, community and settlement and how they constitute one's memories and his...
International Booker Prize's longlist includes two Korean authors
Two Korean novelists are in the running for the 2022 International Booker Prize, marking the first time that more than one Korean writer has been simultaneously longlisted for one of the world's most prestigious literary awards, the Booker Prize Foundation announced, Thursday (local time).
More webtoon creators recognized by fine art galleries
Since the inception of webtoons (a Korean term for webcomics) in the early 2000s, Korean cartoonists have been producing content optimal for desktop computers as well as handheld device screens. However, in recent years, a number of creators have begun occupying art galleries with their work.
Auction houses, galleries dip their toes into each other's territory
Following the hushed year of 2020 engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea's art market saw a new boom last year. The local market tripled in size in 2021 compared to the previous year, surpassing 915 billion won ($751.5 million), according to the Korea Arts Management Service.