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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Mon, February 6, 2023 | 21:00
Walking tour of Korean art masters in Italy's floating city
VENICE, Italy - While the main charm of the 59th Venice Biennale lies in its flagship show, the International Art Exhibition, as well as the exhibitions put forth by 80 participating national pavilions, the city has plenty more to offer.
Venice Biennale's International Art Exhibition becomes celebration of female creative talent
VENICE, Italy - Artist Lee Mire's new kinetic sculpture, “Endless House: Holes and Drips,” located in the middle of the International Art Exhibition at Venice's former shipyard and armory known as the Arsenale - the highlight of the Venice Biennale - commands immediate attention among visitors.
Korean Pavilion's 'Gyre' showcased as part of Venice Biennale's triumphant return
VENICE, Italy - Reaching the cylindrical steel building of “Corea” in the Giardini, Venice's public parkland that is home to 29 national pavilions, required patience at the pre-opening of the 59th Venice Biennale on Wednesday (local time).
Historic Kansong Art Museum welcomes public again after 7 years
The Kansong Art Museum, known as the oldest private institution in Korea that boasts a historic collection of over 16,000 cultural artifacts, finally reopened its “Bohwagak” venue in Seongbuk District, northeastern Seoul, on Saturday after a seven-year hiatus.
Webtoon becomes platform for reviving classic cartoons
Before webtoons introduced the world of comics in a digital format on computer and later smartphone screens in Korea, children used to consume print comic books obsessively. A number of these classic, now out-of-print titles that once hit the bookshelves to become bestsellers as early as in the 1970s, have had new life breathed into them in recent months, making a triumphant ...
Exhibition traces history of Korea's commercial photography beyond 1984
There's a certain raw and adventurous spirit that exists in veteran photographer Koo Bohn-chang's series of images taken for the 1987 catalog of menswear brand Alexio, which was popular at that time.
Michael Craig-Martin's vividly colored images give new meanings to mundane
A purple football with green laces, a neon pink pepper mill, a sky blue dress shoe and a bright red screw. Irish-born artist Michael Craig-Martin's compendium of images marries instantly recognizable everyday objects that have become the face of modern consumer culture with untrue-to-life colors - a fun mix of bland familiarity with a flavor of “unrealness.”
BTS drives fresh boom in Korean food
In celebration of a string of sold-out “Permission to Dance on Stage - Las Vegas” concerts by BTS being staged at Allegiant Stadium until April 16 (local time), the entire city has been awash with shades of purple, the symbolic color for the K-pop titan. The metropolis has been turned into a “BTS-themed playground” as part of a special project called “The City.” One event tha...
3 stories set in DC Universe to be featured as original Naver webtoon series
DC Comics and Naver Webtoon have announced the launch of three original comic series featuring DC's iconic characters starting next month, as part of their expanding partnership to introduce the unique universe from the global entertainment titan's intellectual property in the form of webcomics.
String of translated Korean literary works honored on international stage
From genre-defying short story collections to graphic novels, a string of translated Korean literary works continue to gain international recognition as they are nominated for or named winners of coveted prizes.