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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Mon, February 6, 2023 | 21:52
FEBC-Korea prepares for 50th anniversary of historic 1973 Billy Graham Seoul Crusade
The summer of 1973 became a defining moment for the history of Christianity in Korea. From May 30 to June 3, prominent American Christian evangelist Rev. Billy Graham, who is best known for having preached the Gospel to millions in packed stadiums in 85 countries during his lifetime, led what became his largest ever “crusade” at the then-empty Yeouido Plaza in Seoul. An estim...
Friendship forged among Kim Whanki and young artist couple in NY
Hailed as one of Korea's greatest abstract masters, Kim Whanki (1913-74) forged his legacy when he birthed a series of pointillist paintings during his final years spent in New York (1963-74). While the painter's earlier focus in Korea lay in depicting classical East Asian motifs like moon jars, apricot flowers, cranes and deer, his so-called “New York period” ushered in a ne...
World's oldest TV music talent show host Song Hae dies at 95
Veteran entertainer Song Hae, whose signature voice as emcee of KBS' “National Singing Contest” made him an icon of Korean television, died Wednesday. He was 95. He passed away in the morning at his residence in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, according to police and medical officials.
Seoul's landmark 'Hammering Man' celebrates 20th anniversary
Just west of central Seoul's bustling Gwanghwamun area, a 22-meter-tall black steel giant striking down a hammer tirelessly in his right hand is enough to grab the attention of any rushing pedestrian. “Hammering Man,” a towering kinetic sculpture that serves as one of the iconic landmarks in the city, celebrates the 20th anniversary of its creation this month.
Korean fusion folk-pop band ADG7 to perform in New York
Korean fusion folk-pop ensemble Ak Dan Gwang Chil, also referred to as ADG7, will perform at the Lincoln Center in New York in the coming weeks. The nine-piece act, which draws inspiration from Korea's shamanic ritual of “gut” and “minyo” (folk songs), also brings in elements of modern K-pop to create its signature danceable melodies that suit the musical taste of contemporar...
Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli's multihued wonderland lands in Seoul
Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli's appetite for highly saturated color blocks and their playful mixes have given birth to some immediately recognizable designs that found their way into publications, fashion houses and art galleries around the world. Her bold and fresh palette has popped up everywhere ― the covers of The New York Times and The New Yorker, inside the New Yo...
String of events to celebrate first Korean cardinal's birth centennial
A string of masses and cultural events are set to take place this summer in celebration of the birth centennial of Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan, Korea's first Roman Catholic cardinal who was regarded as a moral beacon during the country's tumultuous era of military dictatorship.
'Jang' becomes gateway to connect with different cultures
It isn't an exaggeration to say that much of the standard Korean cuisine - from soups, stews, stir-fried food, side dishes to even dipping sauces - starts with the ingredient “meju.” A brick-shaped compressed block of soybeans that have been crushed and dried is the magic ingredient behind iconic Korean condiments known as “jang.”
Exhibition revisits 1st Korean painter to capture American scenery
What would the landscape of 19th-century America have looked like in the eyes of a late Joseon-era painter? Two steam locomotives fiercely speeding down the mountainous tracks, a five-story tower nestled on a hilltop and a railroad bridge looking down on a boat on the river were apparently part of the scenery that caught the attention of Kang Jin-hui (1851-1919).
Former luxury hotel cabaret awash with Klimt's golden art
Nestled at the foot of Mount Acha in eastern Seoul, Grand Walkerhill Seoul has long been more than just a luxury hotel that offers a panoramic view of the Han River. For nearly half a century, its underground Walkerhill Theater has played a symbolic role in Korea's performing arts scene since it was unveiled in 1963 as the country's first commercial performance venue decked w...