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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Tue, January 31, 2023 | 23:20
3 black-and-white photo exhibitions offer testament to 20th-century world history
In the 21st century, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer. Images captured through the camera lens are no longer recognized as a rare window to the exotic scenery of a faraway land. However, revisiting early masters' black-and-white snapshots may render a fresh appreciation of photography's role in encapsulating bygone eras.
Jeong Da-hye's horsehair-woven vessel becomes first Korean piece to win Loewe Craft Prize
A hand-woven vessel sways back and forth in even the gentlest breeze wafting through the room, glimmering in the light at each wiggle. “A Time of Sincerity,” a malleable yet surprisingly solid craft work borne from the hands of Korean artist Jeong Da-hye, has revived the centuries-old technique of making hats with horsehair.
Naver Webtoon launches horror-themed playground in metaverse
The popular Korean horror webtoon series “Tales of the Unusual” has been reborn as an interactive virtual playground on the metaverse platform Zepeto, Naver Webtoon announced Wednesday. Written and illustrated by Oh Sung-dae, the digital comic series is a genre-defying collection of twisted and bizarre stories inspired by urban legends, ancient myths and the cartoonist's own ...
Frieze Seoul unveils list of galleries, programs for upcoming inaugural edition
With Seoul named as the first Asian host of the Frieze Art Fair, a prestigious global platform for modern and contemporary art, the organizer of Frieze Seoul unveiled a list of participating galleries and main programs for its inaugural edition in September, Wednesday. The four-day fair will kick off on Sept. 2 at COEX in southern Seoul, running alongside Korea's largest cont...
Mexican contemporary sculpture in dialogue with NMK's 'Aztecs' exhibition
Mexican artist Javier Marin's monumental sculpture, “Chalchihuites,” which represents pre-Hispanic and contemporary Mexico marked by the history of 16th-century Spanish conquest, was unveiled at the plaza of the National Museum of Korea (NMK) this week. The imposing piece created by sculptor Marin arrived in Seoul to be in dialogue with the museum's ongoing exhibition, “Aztec...
[INTERVIEW] Jean-Michel Othoniel's glass garden of enchantment 'is for everybody'
A ferociously glistening, azure river has unfurled itself on the first floor of the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). The museum in central Seoul has not become a victim of summertime flooding. The 26-meter-long riverbed - bedecked with 7,500 aquamarine-hued glass bricks made by master glassblowers in Firozabad, India - is Jean-Michel Othoniel's latest step towards achieving his vi...
Tycoons gather at wedding of Hyundai Motor chief's daughter
The top executives of Korea's four major business conglomerates converged on Monday at the wedding ceremony of the eldest daughter of Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Euisun. Chung Jin-hee, the daughter of Chung, and Kim Ji-ho, the grandson of former Education Minister Kim Duk-choong, tied the knot at Chungdong First Methodist Church in central Seoul.
Stories of Thai veterans of Korean War to be revisited in webtoon
A webtoon series that aims to revisit and celebrate the underappreciated historical legacy left by Thai veterans during the Korean War will be launched later this year. Kakao Entertainment and the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in Thailand will unveil the series, titled “One Day, My Favorite K-Pop Idol Group Leader Disappeared!” (direct translation), on the Southeast Asian nati...
World of 'hanji' unfolds in southern Italian city of Bari
A colorful “hanji” wonderland has unfolded in the Italian port city of Bari. The exhibition, “Hanji: Paper of Life,” which runs until July 25 at a museum that is housed within the massive 13th-century fortress, Castello Svevo, introduces the traditional Korean paper made with the inner bark of the mulberry tree
From Koryoin to Korean Americans to Zainichi: Portraits reveal underrepresented sides of Korean history
A gray-haired man donning a striped T-shirt, with a pet parrot named Charlie on his knee, gazes at a corner of his studio in downtown New York one afternoon in 2005. Korean-American visual artist Kim Po-hyun (1917-2014), better known as Po Kim, went to study art in Japan during the 1910-1945 Japanese colonial rule of Korea to pursue his passion for painting, which began at an...