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Reporter : Lee Gyu-lee
Sun, July 3, 2022 | 01:52
Henry Lau apologizes after anti-bullying ambassador appointment irks some Korean fans
Canadian singer Henry Lau has apologized after the news of him becoming the Mapo Police's anti-bullying ambassador stirs controversy among some Koreans, who claim he is an inappropriate choice because he allegedly showed support for China's cultural appropriation of Korea's heritage.
KBS drama special 'Siren' wins grand prize at Stockholm Film & Television Festival
“Siren,” an episode of the KBS anthology series, KBS Drama Special, has notched a global accolade at this year's Stockholm Film & Television Festival. The broadcaster announced Wednesday that the 80-minute cinematic episode won Best Feature Film at the international festival, held online Saturday (local time).
Han So-hee says 'Soundtrack #1' reminds her of own love
For actress Han So-hee, her role in the upcoming Disney+ original series, “Soundtrack #1,” has brought back memories of her own experiences of love. “This work has made me look back on the times I fell into unrequited love when I was young and brought back the memories and feelings that I had at the time,” the actress said in a written interview released by Disney+, Wednesday.
Tving series 'The King of Pigs' talks about violence: writer
Tak Jae-young, the writer of Tving's new original series “The King of Pigs,” said that the series will send a message on the root of violence in society. “Pigs are a symbolic representation of those who suffer the tragic fate of being controlled and dominated for the term of their life,” the writer said during an online press conference for the series, Tuesday.
Webcomic 'Money Game' made into reality web series in US
Naver's webcomic “Money Game” is getting another remake as a reality online show in the United States, following a live adaptation last year by a Korean YouTube channel. This is the first Korean webtoon to get a remake produced overseas.
Veteran actors take stab at forming choir in JTBC's new show, 'Hot Singers'
Actors Kim Young-ok, Na Moon-hee, Jang Hyun-sung and Yun Yu-seon have had their fair share of on-screen experience, making names as veteran actors. These seasoned actors have recently stepped out of their comfort zone to take a shot at singing on JTBC's new show, “Hot Singers," which premiered Monday.
Jin Goo returns to small screen with thriller series 'A Superior Day'
Actor Jin Goo is set to return to the small screen with OCN's new thriller series, “A Superior Day,” about three years after he played the lead in the courtroom series “Legal High.” “I've played tough characters that go through all kinds of struggles in my previous works. But when I read the script for this series, my role seemed to be by far the toughest one,” the actor said...
Ex-Korea Times journalist and professor Lee Jae-won dies at 82
Former professor Lee Jae-won of Cleveland State University School of Communication died in Ulsan in March at the age of 82 after battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.
Kim Jae-wook, Jung Soo-jung hope to offer hilarious rom-com with 'Crazy Love'
Actors Kim Jae-wook and Jung Soo-jung, the leads of KBS' new romantic comedy series, “Crazy Love,” expressed their hope of offering a strong comedy to viewers with their new series. “What I hope to hear as feedback to 'Crazy Love' is that they had a good laugh watching the series through this spring,” Kim said during an online press conference for the series, Monday.
French director mixes Korean, European cultures in film 'Vanishing'
French filmmaker Denis Dercourt has said that his upcoming mystery thriller film, “Vanishing,” a French-made film set in Korea, will blend European and Korean cultures. “It's such an honor for a French director to do a Korean movie. I wanted to have the mix of two cultures: European culture (through the making of the film) in Korea,” the director said during an online press c...
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