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Reporter : Oh Young-jin
Sat, December 3, 2022 | 15:07
SK's social experiment
SK Group is conducting an interesting experiment to address one big challenge facing World Inc. Recently, SK hosted Social Value Connect 2019 for more than 4,000 participants, double the expected number, and started a big debate about how the firms should pay back society.
Ambassador Harris' sense of humor at Royal Asiatic Society party at 'residence'
Last Saturday, the Royal Asiatic Society Korea held its annual garden party at Harris' Habib House residence. The envoys of the U.S. and the United Kingdom take turns in this annual “open house” event. The former U.S. Navy admiral displayed a sense of humor that at times had many guests, me included, in stitches and made his audience think awhile. He put everyone on the block...
#MeToo sensitivity tests hero director Bong's sexual imagination
Bong Joon-ho, who has just won the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival for his film "Parasite," is facing scrutiny over accusations of “ambushing” an actress for an intimate scene and displaying a perverse sense of sexuality. The ambushing controversy involves veteran actress Kim Hye-ja, the heroine of Bong's 2009 film "Mother." But Kim promptly explained that she had...
US envoy speaks of bilateral ties
U.S. Ambassador Harry Harris, left, and Korea-America Association Chairman Park Jin pose with the plaque of appreciation that was given to Harris after his speech about the two countries' relationship during the lunch hosted by the association at the Plaza hotel in downtown Seoul, Tuesday.
Power shift in foreign policymaking?
A former foreign minister once told me of an incident that I think captures the nature of power: one who has power wants to use it. The incident concerned a meeting at Cheong Wa Dae during the Roh Moo-hyun administration. Then Foreign Minister Yoon Yong-hwan berated deputy chief of the National Security Council secretariat Lee Jong-seok. “You could hear a pin drop between bur...
Mr. Trump, are you watching the Seoul circus?
In South Korea, one big political circus is under way about and over U.S. President Donald Trump, who happens to be visiting neighboring Japan. From its timing, the visit appears to have a target audience of one ― Trump.
4-day work week in Korea: SK starts with hope, doubt
SK Group has introduced a four-day work week, the first among big Korean firms. According to SK officials and reports, the shorter work week was implemented as a trial late last year for employees at SUPEX Council and SK Holdings, two key entities that determine the overall future course of one of Korea's leading conglomerates. The two have a combined workforce of 300, a smal...
'I can't speak English well': Kim had butterflies in stomach before Trump summit
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un confided in President Moon Jae-in that he was worried about his not being able to speak English well before his June 12 summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, a former aide to President Moon recently told a Korean newspaper. “I am worrying about my lack of English proficiency,” Kim was quoted by Tak Hyun-min as telling Moon during their 30-mi...
Trump vs. Thanos
Giving is one thing, taking is another. By that definition, I guess there are many takers out there who pretend that nothing is taken. I am talking about a moral or lesson and, if it belongs to neither category, let's say a comparison, between Thanos, the supervillain from “Avengers: Endgame” and its immediate preceding work of the same franchise, “Infinity War,” and (who els...
Why not Asian for Iron Man for change?
Does Iron Man have to be Robert Downey Jr. or Captain America Chris Evans? Why can't BTS' s RM stand in for Downey or Hong Kong Canadian Henry Lau, a K-pop musician, for Evans? Or can't Andy Lau play Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury (alas, he is not in the latest Avengers franchise: Endgame)?
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