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Reporter : Oh Young-jin
Thu, December 8, 2022 | 09:11
[EXCLUSIVE] Mahindra-Ford-SsangYong alliance emerging
Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian multinational automaker, seeks to have SsangYong Motor, in which it has a major stake, join a three-way alliance with Ford Motor, its joint venture partner, in developing products - including electric vehicles - platform sharing and global marketing, a senior Mahindra official says.
Red card to Kim Jong-un
The world should stop pampering North Korea. The latest lesson in point is the 2022 Qatar World Cup football qualifying match held in the North's capital, Pyongyang, Oct. 15. The North blocked a live TV broadcast, allowed no international media and had the game played in a literally empty stadium that can seat 50,000. On returning home, South Korea captain Son Heung-min said ...
You don't represent us
We need a political party to represent you and me, who are sitting out big demonstrations irrespective of flavors: conservative taegukki or progressive candlelight. (The name of the national flag is used because those in the category often carry the flags during the rallies, but I adopt the lower case to connote they do not represent the entire nation). Our party would be a m...
Moon's conflict of interest
President Moon Jae-in used an interesting phrase that captured his political conviction, as well as the dilemma it causes, on a Facebook posting when he returned from his recent trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
Would IOC let Nazi flags fly in Berlin?
Why is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) so tolerant of Japan's use of the Rising Sun flag, the symbol of the country's imperial adventurism?
Mystery deaths: Mom, son found dead in fridge in burnt apartment
Firefighters found the bodies of a man and his mother in a refrigerator after extinguishing a fire in a fifth-floor apartment in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, Wednesday. The mother, 62, and the son, 35, lived together. There were no signs of injury on their bodies.
Rapper NO:EL pays hefty sum to victim of his drunk driving
NO:EL, a rapper whose name is Chang Yong-jun, gave 35 million won ($29,000) to a bike rider that he hit with his Mercedes while allegedly driving it drunk, the vernacular Dong-A newspaper reported Wednesday. The son of Rep. Chang Je-won of the conservative opposition Liberty Korea Party asked the injured bike rider to submit a leniency plea to police on his behalf, a legal me...
Tank tragedy: Dead foreigners had no legal work permits
Four foreign workers who died of apparent gas poisoning in Yeongdeok, North Gyeongsang Province, Tuesday, did not have legal work permits. According to online NoCut News Wednesday, the dead were three Thais and one Vietnamese. They entered Korea on tourist visas and stayed on to work.
Japanese foreign minister's lame excuse
Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono's view on the ongoing dispute with Korea is disappointing because it lacks universal respect for basic human rights and is worrisome because it may recommit Japan to its past mistakes. The Kono claim provides grounds for reflection regarding what is the best way to prevent an aggressor country from waging war again: the Treaty of Versailles...
'We are bringing in innovative disruptors to energy industry'
World Energy Council (WEC) Chairman Younghoon David Kim does not say anything Darwinian out loud, but as the Harvard-educated theologian prepares for its 24th congress he makes it clear that it is a matter of survival of the fittest - that the industry needs to adapt urgently or its fate will be the same as that of the dinosaurs.
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