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Reporter : Oh Young-jin
Sat, December 3, 2022 | 14:07
American deal: US always has its way, so far
The way we handle Americans in two current disputes - the U.S. demand for more money to maintain its troops in Korea and insisting that Korea stays on its military information sharing pact with Japan, it is clear that we do not understand how the U.S sees us, because we try to see it from our perspective, not from the U.S. one. This wishful vision causes an optical illusion t...
[INTERVIEW] At the South Pole, it is not as cold as we might think
“Is it cold over there?” was the first question I asked Dr. Kim Ya-dong, Korea's pioneer for polar research, who is on a mission at Korea's permanent Jang Bogo Station in Terra Nova Bay in Antarctica Friday. As I asked the question, I felt silly because the South Pole should be cold, but Dr. Kim's answer justified my question, although the wrong way. “It is above minus seven ...
Don't be little Trump, Gen. Milley
Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a soldier's soldier. He has had numerous tours of duty in hot spots such as Korea as commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, and in Iraq, Afghanistan and Panama, among others. But remarks by the top U.S. military man since October are raising questions about his image.
EONE to lead state-sponsored effort to fight dementia
EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center (EDGC), Korea's personalized precision medicine solutions provider, has been selected to form a consortium with the top three medical facilities to establish a platform for medical services dealing with cases of mild cognitive impairment - the stage just before dementia.
'Some Americans do get it'
Regarding the recent Oh Young-jin column, “Americans just don't get it,” Evans Revere, Brookings senior fellow, who served as acting U.S. assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific affairs and deputy chief of mission in Korea, responded as follows. - ED.
Americans just don't get it
I am quite sure that I am not the only Korean who sees a recent visit by a trio of senior American officials as one big sales pitch. It is rather odd, because there was a time when even one senior official from Washington would weigh on Koreans' collective heart as if their existential present and future were at stake. It remains to be seen whether it reflects a real change o...
Honorary chairman inducted into KATUSA Hall of Fame
Kim Jong-wook, honorary chairman of the KATUSA Veterans Association, has been inducted into the KATUSA Hall of Fame as this year's recipient of the Eighth Army SSG Kim Sang Won Distinguished Former KATUSA Award.
Trump is no Asian hater; stop 'sour kimchi' on him
'Trump is not Asian hater but bad-tempered child' I think it is safe to say that President Trump does not hate Korea, or Asia, but he thinks like a businessman and looks at everything as an investment. Every savvy businessman looks at his investments and if the investment over time does not pay off, he will get rid of it. In his mind Asians (and every other country where the ...
Why Trump hates Koreans
Why does U.S. President Donald Trump hate Asians? Considering his favorites include odd balls like Russian President Vladimir Putin or North Korea's Kim Jong-un (Kim is more dictatorial than Korean and Asian), being disliked by the U.S. leader whose days in power may be increasingly reduced by the day (Viva Pelosi!) is not exactly a badge of shame.
Moon Jae-in syndrome
Three leaders are in trouble for by and large a common “sin” - assuming they know better than the people about what they want. Call it an attempt at direct democracy or elected dictatorship (or the beginning of it), but so far the outcome is the political equivalent to a third-degree burn. The three are President Moon Jae-in, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and, of cours...
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