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Reporter : Oh Young-jin
Sat, December 3, 2022 | 14:37
'Baltic, stupid!': Latvia tells Korean Foreign Ministry
“Until now, the absence of ROK diplomatic missions in the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Estonia in the Balkan region has caused difficulties in providing consular assistance and services…” You may laugh at this thinking it is a prank, but it is actually the work of professionals - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The extract was part of its...
New lead in double murder: stolen W500m from Bugatti sale proceeds
The 500 million won or $442,000 stolen during the murder of the parents of imprisoned infamous stock dealer Lee Hee-jin was part of 1.5 billion won that Lee's younger brother received for the sale of a Bugatti Veyron that belonged to Lee's fleet of supercars, reports said Tuesday.
W500 mil. heist? Double murder of parents of infamous swindler
The primary suspect of the double murder of parents of a notorious stock swindler stored the bodies in a refrigerator and a cabinet after killing them and ran away with 500 million won or $442,000, police said in a briefing Monday. Gyeonggi police allege that the suspect, identified as a Kim, 34, had killed them in their house in Anyang with the help of three accomplices on F...
Why our North Korea policy always fails
The biggest loser in the no-deal Hanoi summit between North Korea's Kim Jong-un and U.S.'s Donald Trump was neither of the two but South Korean President Moon Jae-in. It means his reconciliatory North Korea policy is in trouble and may be doomed with no second chances as Trump appears to be leaning to the usual insider Washington regimen with his presidency to be boxed in by ...
Korea will miss Trump's flair
U.S. President Donald Trump could have pulled it off, cutting the Gordian knot on the North Korean nuclear conundrum once and for all. But the chance of such a dramatic Trumpian resolution appears slipping after his no-deal Hanoi, Vietnam, summit with North Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un.
[INTERVIEW] 'Unification can be curse'
Unification could spell disaster for South Korea because the current progressive government, hobbled by its ties with big labor, has failed to prepare for it, said Kim Byong-joon, who just finished a seven-month tour as interim leader of the main conservative opposition Liberty Korea Party. “There would be a big sucking sound, that knocks the wind out of our manufacturing bas...
Can we see Kim Jong-un again?
After his no-deal Hanoi summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, one question worth pondering, however implausible it may sound in the immediate and confusing aftermath, is: would Kim Jong-un, the youthful North Korean leader, be able to hang on to power? Kim was reportedly ditching some of his remaining itinerary to go home early after splitting from Trump without having lun...
Trump-Kim dictatorial love affair
Trump's dictatorial love for Kim and the latter's willingness to follow Trump's lead are not bad for the rest of the world by some modest standards. Next week's Hanoi, Vietnam, summit between the two will surely prove it.
Prize that belittles winner
Which is wrong, the award or its recipient? That is the question I had as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Seoul to receive the 14th Seoul Peace Prize that has a handsome cash award. My answer is that the award is more wrong than the winner.
Seungri may face police questioning
Seungri, a member of K-Pop band BIGBANG, may face police questioning over a battery incident at a club in Gangnam that has triggered a sweeping probe into drug use and forced sex, according to reports. Seungri has so far distanced himself from the scandal, claiming he did not know of the incident until the media reported it. He was an executive at the club, which has now clos...