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Fri, September 17, 2021 | 06:27
Over 5 in 10 back English ban for 1st, 2nd graders
More than half of people support the ban on extra-curricular English lessons for first and second graders.A survey by Realmeter showed 51.2 percent of 1,003 adults polled last week backed the ban, while 43.4 percent objected. More than 5 percent said they had no opinion. The survey was commissioned by a key nonprofit education-related organization that opposes private tutorin...
Young native English speakers may come to teach and learn
The National Institute for International Education will recruit foreigners who want to teach English and learn about Korea (TaLK) for six months. One hundred will be recruited and applications should be made by June 20.The applicants should hold citizenship of the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand or other English-speaking nations and have completed at...
Tougher visa rules for foreigners studying in Korea
Rules will be tightened on D-4-1 visas for foreign students wanting to study Korean and foreign languages. The change will take effect next month. Those who fail to attend 50 percent of classes or are below 70 percent in two consecutive semesters will not get their stay extended. If a vacation exceeds half of the allowed period, only one month will be extended as of the end o...
'Deportation should be put on hold for sick family'
A deportation order should be put in abeyance and the period of stay be extended, if a foreigner in question has to give care to afflicted dependents, the National Human Rights Commission recommended Wednesday. The case regards an ethnic Korean from China who was ordered to leave the country by the Justice Ministry.
Massacre of puppies at pet shop
A mass death of dogs took place in none other than a pet shop where the animals were supposed to be under the best care. The Korean Animal Welfare Association hosted a media briefing in Gwanghawmun, Tuesday, to expose the tragic scene in Cheonan, South Chungcheon Province.
Letting go of GM
GM Korea is by and large a basket case with losses in the billions and growing. The Gunsan factory, the smallest of its three operations, should have been shuttered earlier, operating at 20 percent capacity. There is a cyclical reason for its miserable state, but the more fundamental one is GM's Korean operation has failed to get its act together and there is little chance th...
South Korean military to shift to drone forces
South Korea's military plans to launch a “drone-bot” unit at an Army division level and surveillance air wings using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the Navy's Aegis mobile battle group and at the Air Force. This emphasis on the drone force improvement was included as part of the Defense Ministry's military reform agenda, which was reported to the National Assembly, Tuesda...
Man gets two years for leaving kid in car for two hours
A man received two years behind bars for going to massage parlor - among other crimes - leaving his five-year-old son alone in a car. Chunchon High Court confirmed a lower court sentence for the man, 60, Monday, for child abuse and endangerment. Court records showed the man had a fight with his wife who demanded child support and left the scene, telling her that she wouldn’t ...
Korea at war with Samsung: butchering golden goose
Korea is at war with Samsung Group with a ferocity that sometimes indicates it won't be over until either of the two is done away with. The irony is that Samsung is the lifeline of Korean Inc., being the biggest employer, exporter, taxpayer, charity giver and the single largest pillar to support the stock market, possibly all at once. If it were the firm of another country, i...
Drug user gets away on 'tainted' sample plea
Samples of urine and strands of hair sealed for testing without the presence of a suspected drug user are not admissible as legal evidence the Supreme Court ruled recently. The ruling sent back to the high court the case against a man, 51, identified as Cha who was sentenced to one-and-a-half years in prison for using methamphetamine or crystal meth. The highest court stated,...
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