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Thu, June 8, 2023 | 21:00
South American U-20 football teams in scuffle
Venezuela and Uruguay U-20 teams clashed outside a hotel in Suwon, according to Suwon Nambu Police Station on Saturday.
[Crime Scene] 'Cab Urinator' caught, while sexual harasser under investigation
A native English teacher at a high school in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, is under investigation for allegedly sexually harassing the female students, according to Heungdeok Police Station Thursday.
K-pop duo Clon in comeback after 12 years [VIDEO]
First-generation K-pop dance duo Clon will return to the stage later this month with a new album, ending a 12-year hiatus.
Three strikes and OUT: Korean cabbie loses license for overcharging foreigners
A taxi driver has lost his license for habitually overcharging foreign passengers. The cabbie will be unable to regain the license for a year.
Owner puts bite on vet clinic that euthanized wrong dog
A veterinary clinic euthanized the wrong dog and then tried to hide the mistake by handing over a different animal.
N. Korea blasts US for ditching Paris climate accord
North Korea says the U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord is foolish.
Drone Racing World Cup adds buzz to Han River park
The “2017 Drone Racing World Cup” will be held at the Han River Drone Park for two days from Saturday.
Corpse shock: Internet broadcaster finds beach body during live streaming
A one-man internet broadcaster found a corpse washed up on a beach during his live stream Wednesday.
[Provincial News] Local governments provide history lessons for multicultural families
Provincial governments are giving multicultural families the opportunity to learn Korean history.
Korean coach blasts Chinese football club for 'EXCESSIVE' management meddling
Hong Myung-bo, the former Korean national football player turned Chinese football club manager, has blasted his Chinese club’s management for unexplained interference during his tenure.
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