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Wed, November 29, 2023 | 08:44
Divorced Chinese woman can be naturalized, court rules
It is illegal to stop a Chinese woman who divorced her husband for constant physical abuse from becoming naturalized, a court ruled Monday.
[Provincial News] Busan to host Food Film Festa
The second Busan Food Film Festa (BFFF) will open Thursday, according to city officials Monday.
Seoul to expand availability of free dental service
Seoul is to increase the availability of free dental treatment for vulnerable foreigners from one to three times a week at the Southwest Global Center.
North Korean leader nervous about assassination: spy agency
"Kim is engrossed with collecting information about the 'decapitation operation' through his intelligence agencies," said Lee Cheol-woo, a Liberty Party of Korea lawmaker who attended the meeting. “Kim has taken to traveling at dawn and switches between different subordinates' cars instead of always traveling in his own Mercedes-Benz.”
University graduates face fierce competition to become janitors
Over a third of the 66 applicants for janitor jobs in Seoul had university degrees, according to the Eunpyeong-gu office Thursday.
Indian textbooks to add more Korea-related history
Indian textbooks will soon contain more Korean history related to the subcontinent.
A nationwide heat wave has been issued on Friday. The Korea Meteorological Administration called on the elderly and children to avoid outdoor activities and drink water enough to prevent dehydration.
Police arrest Malaysians who used counterfeit credit cards for spending spree
By Lee Han-soo Two Malaysian nationals were caught in Seoul using counterfeit credit cards to buy luxury items, according to Songpa Police Station on Thursday.
Family of 'rope-cut' murder victim gets outpouring of support
A fund has been launched to raise money to help the family of the high-rise apartment painter who died in a tragic “rope-cutting” murder on June 8. Citizens were heartbroken after they heard the painter had left a widow and five children, the oldest 18 and the youngest 27 months.
Police protect K-pop girl group Apink after death threat
Police are protecting K-pop girl group Apink after the Gangnam Police Station received a death threat directed at the band, according to the group’s agency Plan A Entertainment on Thursday.
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