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Sat, June 10, 2023 | 21:13
Senator introduces legislation to let more skilled Koreans work in US
A U.S. senator introduced legislation Wednesday that would grant more high-skilled nonimmigrant visas for South Koreans.
ChoA to leave K-pop girl group AOA
ChoA, the main vocalist of K-pop girl group AOA, will leave the band, she announced on Thursday.
Disgraced celeb Amy attempts suicide over groundless rumor
TV personality Amy, who was ordered to leave Korea after being found guilty of drug abuse, reportedly attempted suicide after a Korean TV variety show aired groundless rumors about her.
'Even pregnant teachers made me feel HORNY:' Cheong Wa Dae official's book stirs controversy
Cheong Wa Dae official Tak Hyun-min, who got into hot water last month over sexist remarks, is under more fire after another book he co-wrote featured similar sentiments.
Unwanted name for namesakes: Park Geun-hye
People with the same name as Park Geun-hye, the former president who is now on trial for corruption after being impeached in March, are flocking to the district Family Court to have their names changed.
'Happy Balloons' face tough crackdown
The Ministry of Environment is set to ban the inhalation of nitrous oxide -- better known as laughing gas. It said it will announce legislation this month that designates the gas as a hallucinogen, bans inhalation for non-medical purposes and stops its sale for entertainment. The legislation comes after the death of a man in Suwon from inhaling too much nitrous oxide from a b...
Nearly all Korean AIDS patients face daily discrimination
More than nine out of 10 AIDS patients in Korea experience serious discrimination daily, according to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) research published Wednesday.
Warmbier death: Trump pressed to ban travel to North Korea; military strike not viable option yet
Following Otto Warmbier’s death, Americans are boiling with anger over what they described as the North Korean regime’s “brutality” to foreigners held captive there. The U.S. government faces increasing pressure to take a tougher stance on the reclusive state, while chances of settling issues through dialogue are dimming. Some people have proposed a military strike, but most ...
Seoul's 'dark history' to see the light as tourist attraction
The dark history that permeates Seoul’s Mt. Namsan will be the basis of a new tourist attraction.
US Korean War veterans to commemorate 67th anniversary of war's outbreak
U.S. soldiers who fought in the Korean War have been invited to Korea to mark the 67th anniversary of the war’s outbreak.
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