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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 16:35
Minor quake off Pohang
A minor 2.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded off the Pohang coast on Monday morning, with no reports of damage, the Korea Meteorological Administration reported.
Big Mac creator dies at 98
Michael “Jim” Delligatti, who created McDonald’s Big Mac 49 years ago, has died at 98.
Word of the year: Xenophobia
Xenophobia is the Word of the Year, according to one of the world’s biggest English dictionary websites,, Tuesday.
iPhone users more self-conscious, research shows
Recent research by U.K. colleges into 500 people’s attitude toward their smartphones discovered different characteristics in the personalities of iPhone and Android users.
Park accepts justice minister's resignation
President Park Geun-hye has accepted the resignation of Justice Minister Kim Hyun-woo on Monday evening, while holding off on the resignation of Senior Presidential Secretary for Civil Affairs Choi Jai-kyeong.
Protesters caught trying to trespass presidential office
Four anti-President protesters were caught trying to break into the heavily secured presidential office on Saturday.
Seoul to offer free driving education for expats
Seoul Global Center, a city-run support center for expats, will team with Jongro-gu police station to provide foreign residents with driving license education.
Today is Friday, November 25, the 330th day of 2016. There are 36 days left in the year.
Korean expats 'embarrassed, ashamed' of Park scandal
While many Korean students studying abroad have held protests over the Park Geun-hye scandal, expats are now adding their voices.
Make President Park resign, get a free drink: retailers
Is this a shrewd marketing scheme or a cheer-up campaign for those protesting against scandal-plagued President Park Geun-hye?