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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 15:13
Park's loyalist breaks away from ruling party
Rep. Lee Jung-hyun, former head of the ruling Saenuri Party, left the party on Monday, bowing to pressure from a new interim leader on allies to President Park Geun-hye to clear the deck to refurbish the conservative party.
Survey reveals ideal spouse
According its survey of 1,000 people (502 male and 498 female), Wednesday, the factors considered in determining the ideal partner include height, annual earnings, wealth, age difference, academic achievement and occupation.
Seoul mental hospital blasted over blunders
Eunpyeong Hospital, a mental facility operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is under fire for poor management, according to Korean news outlet YTN.
Norovirus strikes Korea
Norovirus infections that cause food poisoning, or stomach flu, are sharply increasing alongside Korea’s worst seasonal flu outbreak.
Dongkuk Steel heir booked over bar fight
Dongkuk Steel, one of Korea’s top steel producers, is facing criticism after police booked company heir and board member Chang Sun-ik for allegedly causing trouble at a bar. The incident allegedly happened on Monday in Hannam-dong, Seoul, while Chang was celebrating his birthday with friends.
Sochi doping scandal might give Kim Yu-na gold medal
Korea’s leading figure skater Kim Yu-na could be awarded the gold medal from the 2014 Sochi Olympics because of the Russian team doping scandal.
Subway stations plug in to free portable power for smartphones
Free portable battery chargers for smartphones will be available on Seoul subway lines 5-8, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRTC) said on Monday. SMRTC has installed 157 Happy Spot machines, a battery charger dispenser, at the 152 stations it manages.
Man punished for stealing cash from friend's grave
A man in his 30s was convicted on Monday of stealing money from a friend’s grave.
[EXCLUSIVE] KF-X project stole game footage for demo video
A promotional video for South Korea’s largest-ever fighter jet development project was produced with unauthorized video game footage. The footage containing scenes of air combat and the bombing of an aircraft carrier was used without the consent of their original producers - Japan’s Bandai Namco and Electronic Arts (EA) of the United States - which constitutes copyright viola...
US now asking visitors for SNS details
The U.S. government is asking visitors from 32 visa waiver countries (including Korea) about SNS information, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, according to U.S. media outlets.