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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 07:51
Take subway and get cheaper movie tickets
Korea’s biggest cinema chain CGV will be giving movie ticket discounts every Tuesday until Dec. 26, to people who go to its 48 theaters in Seoul and surrounding areas via subway. A ticket buyer must show a picture of himself/herself riding the subway specifically on Tuesday. The discount campaign named “Eco Day” is being run in association with Seoul Metro, which operates sub...
[Provincial News] Jeonju to provide free medicals for immigrants
Jeonju Health Center (JHC) is offering free medical checkups to 110 female marriage immigrants in the city. The examination is available on a first-come-first-served basis. It covers basic and 19 other check-ups, including hyperlipidemia, electrocardiogram, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, liver and lung health. The checkup is open to female marriage immigrants a...
K-pop girl group Twice returns with February album
World-famous K-pop girl group Twice is set for a comeback with a new album on Feb. 20, according to the band’s official SNS account. No other information was disclosed about the comeback. The girl band returns after its last album, "TWICEcoaster: Lane 1," was released on Oct. 23.
Saudi prince buys plane tickets for his 80 hawks
A Saudi prince has bought economy class airline seats for his 80 hawks, according to a photo posted on Reddit. Not surprisingly, the photo has gone viral. The picture, posted by Reddit user “lensoo,” was allegedly taken by the plane’s pilot and sent to him.
White weddings all the go at Cheong Wa Dae
Couples looking for somewhere different to marry have the opportunity again to say their vows at Cheong Wa Dae, Korea’s presidential residence. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) is taking applications from couples that want to hold a small wedding at the Sarang-chea annex near the complex. Sarang-chea, which has been open as a marriage venue since 2012, is on...
Seoul offers cash to foreign cultural events
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is offering money to support foreign communities’ cultural events. The city wants to promote the communities in Seoul and give local residents and foreign visitors a taste of diverse cultures. Up to 6 million won ($5,200) is available for each event. Last year, Seoul spent over 105 million won supporting 21 foreign cultural events such ...
Duterte 'sorry' over police killing of Korean businessman
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has officially apologized over the assassination of a Korean businessman and vowed to capture the police officers responsible. Jee Ick-joo was murdered in the headquarters of the Philippines National Police in Quezon City after being abducted from his home last October.
PyeongChang Olympics raffle to start soon
Tickets for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are set to be raffled from Feb. 9, according to the Pyeongchang Organization Committee (POC). The tickets are for the opening and closing ceremonies and all 15 events. The POC’s official website said the raffle was “a way to ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to watch the Olympics” and that normal online sales would star...
Woman gets jail sentence for falsely claiming rape
A woman has been found guilty of falsely accusing a man of raping her. On Monday, Ulsan District Court sentenced the woman to eight months’ jail, suspended for two years, and 120 hours of community service. According to the court, the woman falsely accused a man of raping her when she was drunk last year.
Turkish singer claims to be pop star Adele's father
A Turkish folk singer says he is the biological father of famous pop star Adele, arguing they both have similar fingers, according to Turkish media. Mehmet Asar, 52, who lives in Bodrum, said Adele has some resemblance to him. “The third and fourth fingers of her right hand are adjacent ... I became even more surprised because my right hand's third and fourth fingers are also...